Photo of the Week – Brussels

August 13, 2010 9 Comments »

Art in Progress – Brussels Flower Carpet

This weekend something very special is happening in Belgium, and it only comes around every 2 years; the Flower Carpet.  This Belgian tradition started in 1971 with the first Flower Carpet being laid in the famous Grand Place of Brussels.   Begonias are the star flower and they are packed together one by one, 300 to every square meter of the ground, (+/- 750.000 flowers) so tightly (no soil is used at all) that they won’t be blown away by the first puff of wind, and they create their own microclimate.

I’m in Brussels for the month of August so I decided to go check out the making of the carpet which is planned months in advance but the execution and placement of the flowers only takes around 7 hrs.  It was a stormy day in Brussels, but the volunteers were still out placing each Begonia in it’s specified place!

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