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May 30, 2014 2 Comments »

Each week brings some new scenery and location for me – that’s just the way I like it. If you want to follow where I am real time – then on Friday I will post some of my Instagram photos from the current week. Some weeks I may be traveling somewhere exotic, and some weeks it may be less interesting – but it will give you a peek into my life of perpetual motion.

This week is actually not this week – it is last week.  Confused?  I am too when I’m jetlagged!  This week I actually flew about 38 hours in total from Darwin Australia to Sydney to LA to NYC – no wonder why I’m confused!  Actually many of these Instagram pics are from last week because I was waiting to get approval to use them.  The part that you probably don’t know about Uluru in Northern Territory Australia is that as a photographer who does editorial, I have to actually get permission to take and use photos of the sacred sights of Uluru, and Kata Tjuta.  There is an extensive set of rules on what I can and can’t take photos of and how I can use them – so last week I was unable to bring you an update becuase my pictures were being reviewed – and mainly rejected.  However I did get a couple approved to show you this week!

My last two weeks were full of glamping and hiking around Australia’s Red Centre and sacred sites of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, and Kings Canyon.  I also spent some time getting up close and personal with desert animals, as well as floating above the outback in Alice Springs.  I flew up to  Darwin to visit friends for a few days, and then returned to NYC after 3 months of travel.  The return to NYC marks my third time going literally around the world in my travels.  Not too shabby for someone who just got a passport when they were 30 years old!

Enjoy the Northern Territory on Instagram!


uluru cloudy

I’ve arrived in the spiritual center of Australia – Uluru. Sunset viewing & photography w Longitude 131


glamping uluru longitude 131

My ‘tent’ at glamping sight Longitude 131 is the way to see Uluru in complete luxury! #NTAustralia


Kings Canyon Rim hike

My fear of heights didn’t like this part of the rim walk but it was worth it for a gorgeous view over Kings Canyon!


Stuart Highway Australia

The Stuart Highway in Australia. From Darwin to Port Augusta (north to South thru the central interior) 1761 miles of outback. Lots of red sand, and lots of kangaroos. Loved the wide open spaces of @ausoutbacknt !


Hot air balloon outback australia

Up at 5am to get one last view of the outback. What a view it was! We saw kangaroos hopping around in the Bush! #NTAustralia


Gin and Tonic sunset

Gin & tonic, sunset, Darwin, laughing so hard I was crying, and great friends.


Sydney airplane

Morning over Sydney. Getting ready for a long flight depositing me in NYC.


location independent

My NYC office for the day.


Disclosure:  I was invited to enjoy Uluru, Kata Tjueta, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs by the Northern Territory Tourism Board .  However all the opinions expressed her are solely my own!

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