New Year…New Resolutions

January 4, 2009 4 Comments »


2009 – How did that creep up on me? Considering my 2008 challenges (it’s not going down in history as my favorite year – that’s for sure) I thought I better try to get my life and mind pointed in the right direction in 2009 and make some resolutions. I normally don’t do this as a habit, but since I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels in Vietnam, I had better try to get some traction; or else I will lose my sanity.

When there is something that I want to do, but am intimidated to do it, I publicize it. I am a person of my word and when I say I will do something, I do it. This is how I handled running my first marathon, quitting my job and traveling around the world, getting my ESL certification, and moving abroad to Vietnam. I merely told people that this was what I was going to do, and once it was verbalized and out there, it was something that I had to follow through on no matter how scared or unsure I was about it.

So – here goes….

My first resolution is to learn how to ride a motorbike in Vietnam – specifically HCMC. I will rent my own motorbike and become a member of Vietnamese society by joining the masses on two wheels…no matter how terrified I am to do this…I will. I even started the year by purchasing a new full face helmet; a proper helmet for biking. Most of the motorbike helmets are no more than glorified bike helmets; and I’ve seen too many accidents here to test my fate any longer. Step one is accomplished, step two is to rent the bike…my goal is to do this by my birthday in February.

My second resolution is to take the free Vietnamese lessons that my language school offers. Learning Vietnamese is not a requirement to live here; you can easily get around HCMC without it. However, if I’m going to live abroad, then why not learn the language? I know that I will probably suck at it since I’ve never been able to successfully learn another language; but hopefully I will know more than I know now.

So that’s it…it’s in black and white now for the whole world to see….I must do it! After I successfully complete these resolutions, I will be able to drive the streets of HCMC AND yell at people in Vietnamese when they cut me off!

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