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July 9, 2015   6 Comments »

I scanned my inbox quickly and suddenly my eyes moved back to the ‘From’ line that read Google Webmaster Tools. When you run a website, it’s never good when you open your inbox and have a note from Google. I apprehensively clicked the email as if I were defusing a bomb and guessing between the red or blue wire, looking away and flinching as I clicked the email to open.

Google systems have tested 1,280 pages from your site and found that 100% of them have critical mobile usability errors. The errors on these 1,280 pages severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website. These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users. Fix this now: …

The moment had come, Google was calling my bluff in a game of website poker that I would never win. Sure, I knew for a couple of years now that Ottsworld was not mobile friendly. The thought of trying to redo it all was just too much to deal with – so I chose to ignore it…for just a little while…until this email. I wasn’t the only one who received this email, many website owners did as this was Sheriff Google’s attempt at cleaning up the internet.   Mobilgeddon was knocking on my door.


So I got to work…finally.

Welcome To The New Mobile Friendly Ottsworld

The Blog

Blog • Ottsworld Unique Travel Experiences 2015-07-08 22-53-56I’ve been blogging and traveling since 2006, so there are lots of travel blog posts, travel tips, guides, and photography to sort through on the blog. However you can easily sort through all the posts by using the Destination and Category filters on the right side of the blog page. Just choose a destination and/or travel style and the blog list is immediately filtered and sorted for you! With all of these choices – hopefully you will find nugget of cool travel tips that suit your needs!

The Travel and Photography categories are pretty self-explanatory… but I’ll give you some pointers on the Life category.

The Life Category is full of my personal take on the world, and often it is a look Inside My Head; the ideas, fears, absurdities, observations, blogging business, and a lot of self reflection.

It also contains my thoughts on living this life solo. No one to lean on; the good, bad, and alone…but seldom lonely.


Don’t you just love maps?! Me too! To see all of the countries I’ve traveled to and have travel tips about – click on Destinations in the navigation bar and click on the country you dream of escaping to! You’ll see my favorite tips and things to do in that destination as well as a list of all articles I’ve written about the area.

Travel Destinations 2015-07-08 17-01-25


I think my favorite thing about the new site is that it showcases my photography so well! Plus – you can Pin it easily or share it!

And if you want to see more, just click on Photography in the navigation and you’ll see all of my photography available for daydreaming or purchase!

Travel Stories

Sure – tips and travel advice are great – but what about storytelling? Have you ever fell in love with a place due to a story full of ups, downs, challenges, and lessons? Read stories about touching family travel, transformative trips, and harrowing adventures in my Travel Stories section.

This has been an immense undertaking on my part as well as others. Thanks to Mitch Canter and Staci Schwarz (who’s leaving on her own big family trip soon!) for helping me get this launched!

Follow my Travels.

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