Minor Repairs – Mongol Rally

August 30, 2011 7 Comments »

Deb with our sturdy little car in Mongolia!

The car is taking a beating.  I honestly can’t really believe that it still starts for us every morning.
We have taken it through rivers

holding our breath

We have taken it over bridges that appear to be made with toothpicks

Deb conquers the rickety bridge

We have camouflaged it in dust so it fits in with the Gobi
We have determined that duct tape is our best friend

broke our gear shift handle right off…duct tape to the rescue!

And I realized that I can crawl under the car and be willing to get dirty.  Our exhaust clamps came loose and now our exhaust system is hanging very low and is ready to snap completely.  However with the help of fencing wire we acquired from a local  we’ve been able to secure it for now.  Teamwork!
Our motto is – if it falls off the car and it keeps running…then we don’t need it.
Onward towards Ulaanbaatar!

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