Guarding the World

January 28, 2014 2 Comments »

Stockholm military

Guarding the royalty in Stockholm

The stern faces, crisp uniforms, shiny buttons, and daunting weapons – guarding the world is serious business.  They are a perfect model for a photo shoot – no cheesy grins – just a stone cold stare.  A collection of my best military photos from around the world.

Beijin Military

Beijing next to Tienanmen Square

Montevideo Independence

Tomb of General Artigas, father of Uruguay’s independence movement in Montevideo

Athens guards

Athens Military get relief in the shade

Copenhagen Royal Guard

Royal Guard in Copenhagen

Thailand Military

Thailand Military dressed in crisp white uniforms.

Swiss Guard Vatican

The Swiss Guard keep strict watch over the Vatican

Beirut Military

Military still guards the bombed out Holiday Inn in Beirut.

Malta military

A guard watches over the entrance to Valetta, Malta

Vietnamese military

Vietnamese military guard Ho Chi Minh’s home.



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