Week In-Stagram Review Maine Water Adventures

September 2, 2016   1 Comment »

Week In-Stagram Review Maine Water Adventures

September 2, 2016 1 Comment »

I stopped counting countries about 2 years ago, I’m not sure why; maybe it just didn’t matter any longer. However, I still do get excited about traveling to new destinations that I’ve never been to before; the rush you get from a new landscape, new culture, and knowing that you are really exploring. The same goes for US States…I don’t know how many I’ve been to, but I do know a few that I’ve never been to.  Maine was on that list, until last week.

For the past 10 days I’ve been really exploring all parts of Maine – with a special focus on experiencing Maine water adventures.  I felt as if I was really  discovering Maine and it’s special culture and atmosphere. It’s full of outdoor, simple living and it has a thriving entrepreneurial side to it.  I experienced Maine water adventures with float planes, waders (my favorite), fishing poles, boats, kayaks, surfboards, and skiffs all in the name of adventure.  I had a few mishaps (like hooking myself fishing, and swallowing excessive saltwater surfing), but they didn’t even dampen my spirits.

I ate my share of lobster as well as blueberry pie….because well, sometimes you just have to have the classics. I also took my share of pictures! Sharing a few of my favorites from the week on Instagram below. I’ll be waiting a bit to write about my specific experiences in Maine (look for it this Spring), so these pics will have to do for now. However if you have any immediate questions about travel to Maine, let me know!

Now what?

I’m not sitting still long, tomorrow I leave for Alaska!  I’m packing up some serious hiking and outdoor gear – plus new photography gear and I’m ready to go experience Alaska in a more intense backwoods way this trip. First, I’m hitting the rails again with the Alaska Railroad and taking their one and only whistle stop service that will stop anywhere you want on the rail line!  Ever since I heard of this service I’ve wanted to try it; flagging down a train in the middle of Alaska sounds like a bucket list item!

Then I wrap up my sore ankle, hope for the best, and head out to a rather unknown National Park – Lake Clark National Park to do this cool trip named one of the top 50 Tours of a Lifetime via National Geographic.  There I’ll be roughing it with a small group camping, paddling, and hiking in this pristine wilderness searching for wildlife, great landscapes, and some much needed unplugging time. Yes…I’m going to unplug for a week and it’s going to be bliss.

Join Me Live

I’m going to be doing a special Anniversary Facebook Live broadcast on September 8th 7PM Eastern from Alaska. September 8th, 2006 is the day I left my old corporate career in NYC and starting traveling. I’ll answer any questions you have about being homeless for 10 years, travel, living out of a suitcase, taking a leap and taking a career break, etc, – the good and the bad. And yes, there are definitely downsides to this lifestyle and having the ‘dream career/life’ that everyone seems to want.

Banner announcement

Hope to hear from you on the 8th, just stop in to the live broadcast and say hi!

Maine Instagram Pictures

maine north woods

See Maine with me! This is travel blogger Sherry Ott from @Ottsworld and I’ll be showing you Maine through my eyes and experiences for the next 10 days as I travel throughout the state for the very first time! First stop, Libby Camps in the remote north Maine woods. What a spectacular show the sunset put on for me for my first night!

maine cabin

All I need is a little cabin in the woods! Libby Camps has remote little cabins with lake views that make you want to sit and do nothing but lay in a hammock all day and enjoy the view. #MaineThing

Maine north woods

Sunset in the Maine North Woods…tree paradise. #MaineThing

maine pie

Maine is pretty sweet…homemade berry pie at Libby Camps deep in the North Maine Woods. Yes…I’m roughing it. #MaineThing

maine harbor

A pastel sky and water for tonight’s Maine sunset. #MaineThing

corea maine

Maine architecture. Love these shingle houses along the coast! #MaineThing

maine pig

OINK! I made friends.with a curious pig at Maine’s Union Fair Blueberry Festival. Not only were there oodles of blueberries, but there was also livestock and 4H competitions! I love rural festivals – such a great way to experience local culture! #MaineThing

maine sunset

Pete from @hecktictravels always tells me to be patient at sunsets…and this is why. This sky happened about 15 to 20 minutes after the sun went down! Maine sure provides a beautiful canvas for sunsets! #MaineThing

maine oyster

Slurp! Travel blogger @ottsworld here bringing you my Maine experiences as I travel through the state for the first time. You always hear about Maine Lobster, but what about Maine Oysters? I toured the Nonesuch Oyster farm and got hooked on the unique taste of their oysters as we boated through the farm in Scarborough!

Schoodic Peninsula

Exploring the Schoodic Penninsula, the lesser known part of Acadia National Park today on its 100th anniversary! #MaineThing

water adventure maine

Sunrise in Portland Maine this morning. A beautiful morning for a walk aling the Eastern Promenade! #MaineThing

Maine blueberry pie

Who wants some Maine blueberries? Travel blogger @ottsworld here – I spent the day at the Union Fair Blueberry Festival where I witnessed Mainers love of blueberries. There were pie baking contests, blueberry spitting contests, blueberry princesses, and of course pie eating contests. Festivals are a super way to experience rural Maine and the local culture when you travel!

water adventure maine

A perfect day to be out on the water in Maine. Went out fishing with Maine Guide, Dan, who taught this beginner how to fish! A successful day of sun, water, fish, and laughter…and even a few tears of joy! #perfectweekend #MaineThing

Maine Lighthouse

I finally got to see a lighthouse in Maine! After being here a week finding the unique things to do around the state, I did a traditional thing – I visited the Portland Head Lighthouse! #MaineThing


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My time in Maine was hosted by Visit Maine – however all opinions here are my own.

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