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January 28, 2010 11 Comments »

Me visiting Lonely Planet offices in San Francisco

You may have noticed that little blue banner on the left side of my home page…yes, there…that one…the one that says “Lonely Planet Featured Blogger 2010”.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that I’m a part of a beta program for Lonely Planet where they post my blog posts on their website under the destination that I’m writing about.  I’ve been a part of the program now for 6 months and it’s been a great way to add visibility to my site and my adventures.

As a Featured Blogger, they’ve asked me to put out this request to my Ottsworld readers…’Joe Average Traveler’ – a chance to be a part of a travelers discussion forum!  So, if you love travel, love to talk about travel, love to think about how travel can be improved, or simply want someone to listen to you becuase your family is tired of hearing you – then read below and see how to sign up!  If you are chosen, you’ll even get some free gifts!  You can’t lose!

To my dedicated Ottsworld readers (mom, dad, Miles, and ummm – is there really anyone else?) – don’t say I never gave you anything!

Calling all travelers!

Lonely Planet invites you to join our Travelers’ Pulse Panel!

Our panel is a discussion forum where we engage travelers and listen to what you have to say about travel – where to go, how to plan, and other creative travel ideas. We’ve always got interesting topics up for you to comment on, like our current survey on what you’re looking for when you take a trip to a theme park.

Joining the panel is free and if you’re accepted to be a panelist, we’ll send you a free Lonely Planet 2010 calendar (as supplies last) as a gift to welcome you on board!  Not only will you get to talk about travel, but we regularly run promotions exclusively for panelists where you can win prizes like Lonely Planet products and Amazon gift cards.

If you’d like to join this panel (numbers are limited) all you need to do is click the link below and take a short survey to register. We’ll look at your responses and depending on your age, travel experience and country of residence you might be one of the people we’re looking for!  The type of people we need on the panel changes from time to time, so if you aren’t suitable for our panel this time we may contact you to participate in future.


Thanks again!


The Lonely Planet Travelers’ Pulse team

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