London’s Borough Market

October 7, 2011 22 Comments »

London Borough Market

The early morning empty street of Borough Market

I am a sucker for the ‘M’ word…no, not men…markets.  Markets are fascinating to me, I can wander around them for hours and looking at the perfectly placed produce, marvel at new shapes and smells, or watch the interactions with the sellers and customers.  I can appreciate dirty, smelly markets as well as upscale markets; yet I must admit that I prefer the dirty, smelly ones!  So when a friend recommended I go check out the Borough Market  in London this summer, I didn’t even hesitate.  I picked up my camera and took the tube to go check out Borough Market which was nestled under railway viaducts near London Bridge.

Borough Market Hours

I went early to avoid crowds and figured that all the best stuff would be there early.  However, to my surprise many of the stalls hadn’t opened up yet!  Apparently this wasn’t like Asian markets in Vietnam where things opened as the sun came up in order to beat the heat.  I continued to wander around with my camera watching vendors get set up for the day feeling as if I wasn’t actually a tourist, but instead that I was part of the market atmosphere prepping for a date.  The upside was that I had the place to myself.  The downside was that there wasn’t as much food out to sample!

Borough Market Hours

It’s pretty quiet early in the morning!

If you want to make sure you get food, then here are the official Borough Market Hours:

Open for lunch: Mon, Tue 10am-5pm; Full Market: Wed, Thur 10am-5pm; Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 8am-5pm

Photographing Borough Market

Borough Market was definitely more upscale than what I’m used to and had all varieties of prepared food as well as fruits and vegetables.  But I think my favorite thing about it was the location of it under the viaduct and the hundreds of tiny little restaurants which surrounded the market.  All looked so yummy and made me wish I could come back later that evening for dinner!  But, for this trip to Borough Market all I could do was look around, take pictures, and interact with the vendors.  Just what I love to do!


Daisies brighten up dreary London skies


food in Borough market london

Fluffy Merange Clouds of Yumminess


Produce Carts


Cheese Glorious Cheese


Food Glorious Food

What more is there to say?!


Colorful Cookies

London Loaves


Prepared Food

To get more information on Borough Market, be sure to visit their great website which has maps of the market, directions, recipes, and other cool information on the history.

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