Life is About Choices

October 17, 2011 5 Comments »


It's your choice.


Yesterday I had a choice to make. I went with a friend to her gym to work out quick before we explored wineries in California’s Shenandoah Valley. She thought that she could get a guest in for free, but the manager at the desk told me it would be $15 to come and work out as a guest. I was only going to be there an hour, and the thought of spending $15 on one hour was a hard thing to swallow for my budget.

I thought about it for a bit, and decided that I would save the $15 and simply run outside. Sure- it was very hot out and I didn’t really know the area, but I didn’t feel that using a treadmill was worth $15. After all, my Meet, Plan, Go! business partner had just created this cool graphic about the cost of $15 at home and abroad and I decided I would save that $15 for my next trip!

cost of travel

Ever since returning from the Mongol Rally, I’ve been frantically preparing for the 2nd annual Meet, Plan Go! events that happen this Tuesday in 17 cities.

Plain and simple, the events are about getting more people out traveling.

Are we going to tell you that it’s easy to leave your job and plan and big trip?  No.
Are we going to tell you that it’s possible to leave your job and take a traveling career break that will benefit your career?  Yes.

Are you spending time putting up barriers to why you can’t take a career break?

The economy is in the toilet
I’m worried about the gap on my resume
It costs too much
I have a family

Maybe you should be choosing to use that time in a more productive manner and start to determine how to overcome those barriers and move in a positive direction. That’s what the Meet, Plan, Go! events can help you do.

It’s all a question of how badly you want it. How badly do you want to make changes in your life (like budget and lifestyle), go against the status quo and take the necessary steps to follow your desires to travel and see the world.

Life is about choices.
You can choose to go out on a limb, or you can choose to do nothing, which effectively means you’re choosing to stay.

Yesterday I made the small choice to save my $15 and put it towards my travels. I choose to go.

For all of you who read my website and think, “I wish I could do that.” I have one question for you.

What will your choice be?

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