Kathmandu Photography – Markets

April 14, 2010 6 Comments »

The city of Kathmandu is filled with markets everywhere you go.  The morning is especially active as kids make their way to school by foot and adults get their fresh produce and meat for the day.  Everywhere you look it feels as if someone is selling something; produce, flowers, jewelry, peanuts, and guiding services!  The one thing you can always count on is that it will be colorful!

Women choose product in the middle of a busy road

An apple vendor wheels around his goods on an old bike

Colorful powder for sale used for tikas (forehead markings)

The food of Nepal - Dhal for sale

Bracelets come in every color - you can't buy or wear just one.

A woman surrounded by her colorful produce in Dubar Square

Malla (flower necklaces) are made and sold near the many temples

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