Sheer Beauty

June 29, 2012 11 Comments »

The view out my window

I have this adoration with the window in my Istanbul apartment – a light, sheer curtain, covers it providing a filter to the outside world.  I leave the window open fully to let the fresh breeze blow through the upper floor room I’m renting this first week in Istanbul as I catch up on writing and online life. The walls are painted freshly white and I am in love with the stark brightness of it all every morning when I wake up.

But, the sheer curtain has me transfixed. The wind blows the sheer in and out of the room making a barely detectable sound as the fabric rolls around itself like a wave in the ocean. I watch as the church steeple comes in and out of my view with the flowing curtain. During the call to prayers, the curtain plays in the wind as if it’s an instrument in the echoing song of the minaret symphony.

It’s one of those travel moments where you soak in the present moment and let it blow across you giving you chills.

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