Week In-Stagram Review Quarry Trail

June 27, 2014 8 Comments »

We climbed high into the mountains of Peru for this Instagram Quarry Trail week in review.  The air was so thin our bodies struggled to adjust and I found myself only being able to walk 30 steps before I had to stop as my heart was beating so fast and I couldn’t seem to get the energy to move another step.  I would stand and try to slow down my breathing for 20 seconds and then take off again for another 30 steps.  This is how I got to 14,700 ft on the Quarry Trail.  The best part about stopping every 30 steps was that it was a reason to take pictures!

The trail was challenging ( I”ll go into those details in a separate post) but the view over the two passes we crossed were jaw dropping.  Each time I got to the top of one it was a surprise as to what I would see on the other side.  Our porters/horses were fabulous and our campsites were perched on ledges with views that I never wanted to leave.  However – it was chilly up there – and Megan was definitely ready to get down to lower altitude as she struggled with altitude sickness.

After finishing the 3 day hike, we got our reward – Machu Picchu.  We took the train after the hike to Aguas Calientes town at the base of Machu Picchu and had a great visit the next day.  We had ample of time to wander around the site, dodge the thousands of tourists and once again take lots of pictures (and a few selfies). It was great to visit Machu Picchu for a 2nd time, but even better to bring Megan with me – especially since we had worked so hard to get there.

After a short stop in the jungle of the Amazon Basin, then we head back to Lima to volunteer with kids and build houses for a week – a real change of pace from the mountains!


campsite Quarry Trail

Our first campsite on the Quarry Trail. A nice view to wake up to!


Quarry Trail Peru

Hiking among giants on the Quarry Trail!


Coca leaves hiking peru

We head to 14000 ft tomorrow, and will be using these coca leaves. A little pinch btwn the cheek & gums…


Peru child

I met this little guy in a village in #Peru while hiking in the Andes.


Quarry Trail Peru hiking

Hiking to the pass on the Quarry Trail. A tough hike had @meganlea_ battling altitude sickness.


Quarry Trail campsite

Morning clouds arnd our 2nd campsite along the Quarry Trail. Yes, we hiked down that slope to get there!


Machu Picchu selfie

Love @meganlea_ ‘s reaction to seeing #machupicchu !


Llama kiss

Ever been kissed by a llama? @meganlea_ got up close!

What is Week In-Stagram Review?

Each week brings some new scenery and location for me – that’s just the way I like it. If you want to follow where I am real time – then on Friday I will post some of my Instagram photos from the current week. Some weeks I may be traveling somewhere exotic, and some weeks it may be less interesting – but it will give you a peek into my life of perpetual motion.


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