Week In-stagram Review Kauai

February 21, 2014 6 Comments »

Each week brings some new scenery and location for me – that’s just the way I like it. If you want to follow where I am real time – then on Friday I will post some of my Instagram photos from the current week. Some weeks I may be traveling somewhere exotic, and some weeks it may be less interesting – but it will give you a peek into my life of perpetual motion.

I spent my week visiting Kauai for the first time – and it was if the Garden Isle knew I was coming.   The rainy skies cleared when I landed and Kauai has been putting on a show for me ever since! I quickly settled into my new home for the week at the Courtyard Marriott at Coconut Beach which is perfectly located in the middle of the island to get to both the West and the North Shore.   I took advantage of the blue skies and went straight to Waimea Canyon on the West side of the island and had a poke picnic.  If you ever wanted to know what the Grand Canyon would look like if it were lush – then come to Kauai.  The next day I spent feeling like I was going to throw up for 4 hours as I ventured out to see the Na Pali Coast by boat.  Nausea was worth it to see and photograph American’s most beautiful coast line.  The next day I headed North to volunteer with the Waipa Foundation and learn how to make the Hawaiian food staple – poi (pounded taro).  A great week filled with food, views, photography, and nausea (next week I could do without the nausea though).  And I still have 4 days left in Kauai to explore further!

Palm trees

Dusk in Kauai

Waimea Canyon Kauai

Get ready for a week of images like this from Kauai. Lush in every direction!

Poke for lunch

Took Dvice from the local woman behind me in line and got the spicy mustard shoyu sauce w my poke. Delicious!

sunset coconut beach

Sunset at Courtyard Marriott – A great end to my first day here!

Na Pali Coast Kauai

My first look at the Na Pali coast from a boat. What do you think?

Waipa poi making

Peeling pounds and pounds of taro to make poi. A cultural tradition in Hawaii at Waipa.


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