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It’s my turn to listen to you…

I must apologize – I’ve displayed very poor manners.  I have been blogging on Ottsworld now for over 6 years and never once have I asked you what YOU think!  I push you travel and  photo information 3 times a week, and I even have a category called Inside My Head where I dish out my thoughts on life, but have never asked you what’s going on inside YOUR head.  Now is your chance  – just fill out the quick survey below and tell me what you think!

In all honesty – I’m asking you to take the time to fill this short survey out so that I can hopefully better inspire and inform you.  Your answers will be seen by me so that I can understand the types of information you are looking for out of Ottsworld and then provide it.  That’s all…it’s that simple.

Click on the survey link below to share your thoughts.  There are only 10 questions and I hope that you will take the short time (aprox. 5 minutes) to answer them all.

Take the Ottsworld Survey:

Click here to take survey

Survey is closed on March 31, 2013


I understand that in today’s world we are all busier than ever – so I’ve managed to throw in a little bit of incentive for you and your time it takes to answer my 10 questions.  For people who have a US mailing address, I’m giving away a year subscription to AFAR Magazine if you complete the survey.  More info on how to enter for the giveaway is provided at the end of the survey.

I have been working with AFAR for about 4 months as one of their Ambassadors providing them Wanderlists and  Highlights based on my travel.  Not only do they have loads of advice about how to find cool and different things to eat, drink, shop, stay and do for your next trip, but they also have an AFAR phone app you can use for your travel planning.   I’m actually using it now to get some unique local ideas for Berlin!

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