Photo of the Week – Inside La Sagrada Familia

July 8, 2011 17 Comments »

sagrada familia inside

Getting High inside Sagrada Familia

The church of La Sagrada Família (Sacred Family) is a work on a grand scale which was began in 1882 and is scheduled to be completed in 2025.  This religious and architectural masterpiece by Anontio Guadi is a short walk from my Barcelona apartment which means I can easily stop by and shoot pictures whenever I’d like from the outside.  My favorite time is the early morning when I run by the church and not a single sole is around.  Go after 8:30AM though and the big line of tourists is already forming to go inside.

It’s definitely worth a trip inside to get the grand feel of the place.  If you go, take a hat for waiting in line, 15 to 20 Euros for the ticket, and a good camera with a wide angle lens.  For more information on history, architecture, and times to visit check out the official website or the Oh Barcelona Blog

And if you can’t go for yourself, let me take you inside the Sagrada Familia with photography:

sagrada familia door

The door to the church is a jumble of letters and words

Christ crucifiction

The crucifiction hangs over the crowd

sagrada familia wide angle

Tourists roam inside all looking upwards

stain glaass window

The colorful stain glass windows

To see all of my Sagrada Familia Photography from the inside AND outside – check out my Photo Gallery:

Disclosure: Oh Barcelona Apartments is hosting my accommodation in Barcelona. However, all of the opinions expressed here though are my own – as you know how I love to speak my mind!

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