The Beginning of Travel Voyeurism

March 2, 2008 1 Comment »

travel voyeurism the beginning

Recording my daily travels

When I was 28 years old I was working at a big corporation in Minneapolis. Twenty-eight was a good year. It was the first time I was making money and could start to travel, and live comfortably. I was young, had a ton of energy, and was single so I was also able to soak up the night life until the wee hours in the morning, and roll into work with a hangover and still function successfully. (I must admit – that’s always been a talent of mine and I was still doing that 8 years later!) I was living it up and somehow holding down a job.

My co-workers were about 7 years older than me and had more family lives, mortgages, kids, parent-teacher conferences, and responsibilities – all of the things that I wanted nothing to do with. They always said that they were living vicariously through me. We would sit and discuss what we did for the weekend (or simply on a Wednesday night), and I would regale them with stories about my night out. They would ask me tons of questions soaking up my extensive social life. They used to say, they wanted to invent a ‘Sherry-cam’ so that they could follow my adventures more closely – they wanted to know my every move and live the stories as if they were there with me.

Could, Woulda, Shoulda

If we only could have been entrepreneurial enough to take that ‘Sherry-cam’ idea and put it into a website business plan – we’d be rich right now…we would have beat YouTube to the web! The concept of blogging and podcasting could have been incorporated into our business plan and I could have built an empire around this voyeuristic social idea that we are so accustomed to today. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. How was I to know that people actually DO want to see and hear what ‘normal’ people are doing in their everyday lives?  People are indeed want travel voyeurism! I’m still surprised that people want to read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch personal videos of strangers…but I’m grateful for it because just like back in Minneapolis 10 years ago – I love to share my life with whoever will listen.

travel voyeurism

Sharing my travels…

Experience Travel Voyeurism And Listen to My Podcast Interview

For those of you who have been reading my blog and travel stories, you can now have the opportunity to hear my voice again. I was recently interviewed on the Indie Travel Podcast by Craig and Linda. Craig and Linda are from New Zealand and have been traveling for 2 years now. They both teach English and have evolved their blog/travel website into a fabulous travel podcast! I have listened to it many times while on the road – utilizing their travel tips, and enjoying their stories that come with the craziness of long term travel! I think I have let you all know that I am addicted to podcasts…I believe they are essential for a traveler to have while on the road. See my post entitled “Someone wants to Interview Me?!” They are informative, entertaining, educational, help to fight off boredom of long bus rides and airport delays, and they come in handy in a language crisis. Plus an ipod is very light in your suitcase – much better than lugging around a big travel book that covers just one country!

I met Craig via cyberspace through my blog. Craig has been an avid reader of my blog now for 8 months…hard to believe I’ve been able to hold someone’s interest that long! He has been a contributor to Ottsworld often leaving comments on the site. Through that we developed a friendship. I was excited to find out that he and Linda are actually successfully living out my ‘plan’ for the future; traveling long term, making some money teaching ESL, living in different countries, and maintaining a blogging/podcasting audience. See dad – I’m not crazy for thinking that my plan will work – I have proof now!

Home and Away with Sherry Ott

travel voyeurism

Craig recently asked me to come on the Indie Travel Podcast to talk about my re-entry experience. Most people quit blogging/writing once they finish their trip…but he was impressed that I have kept writing and sharing my experiences about coming home…the ups and downs.
It is very easy to listen to the interview on the Indie Travel Podcast website.

Click on this link
Look for episode #52 – Home and Away with Sherry Ott
Click on the orange ‘play’ button under the title and sit back and enjoy my voice. Well…I actually think I sound like my mother…but I promise you it is my voice!
If you have trouble finding the episode – simply type ‘episode 052’ in the search box in the upper right hand part of the screen, and click search – it should find it right away.

Feel free to leave me a comment on what you thought about the interview – I love to hear from people! If you like what you hear – you can subscribe to the Indie Travel Podcast in itunes or through the Craig and Linda’s website.

I may have missed the boat on inventing blogging, Youtube, and podcasting – however, I can at least utilize them still to meet new people and share my stories with anyone out there will listen!

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