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July 25, 2011 7 Comments »


Wifi for your pocket…perfect for travel bloggers!

I’ve been walking around London all last week with a hot pocket…literally.  I’ve been carrying my Tep wireless hotspot device in my pocket as I ride the tube, visit Greenwich, the London Eye, Borough Market, Brick Lane, museums, and friends.  The Tep device was a life-saver providing me a constant dose of internet access, which for a blogger is as necessary as blood flowing through your body.

Tep provided my Mongol Rally teammates and I these tiny little devices for our week in London to utilize as we moved around the city prepping for the Mongol Rally, as well as while working in our London Apartment .  The Tep Pocket WIFI device is small and basically works through mobile signals.  It sends out a wireless signal and allows me to connect multiple devices (laptops, phones, ipads) and utilize internet via 3G.  This helps me get around the issue of not being able to use my American locked cell phone without becoming bankrupt form international roaming charges.

I used the pocket WIFI all week in London and it allowed me to communicate with friends who I was meeting, to find my way around the tube, make skype calls, and use the GPS maps on my phone to not get lost in the packed London streets.  But most of all it allowed me to stay connected and update my social networks during my stay in London while I was touring the city.  This was a luxury I don’t often get when I travel with my locked US cell phone.  When I got back to the apartment it was my on-ramp to the internet and allowed me to write posts, upload pictures, and search the internet for the various gear we needed.

The Tep pocket wifi was the most useful device I have used for working and traveling abroad even while planing my Paris Holidays while in London.

In addition to loving the connectivity and freedom it provided me in London, they were simple to pick up and return.  We picked the devices up at the airport and we easily return the devices by mailing them back in a provided envelope – sort of like NetFlix.  The devices came with the proper charges and plug adapters too…so honestly you don’t have to bring anything with you but your laptop and phone…turn it on and you are good to go!

We are happy to have Tep as a Mongol Rally team sponsor.  They are also providing us pocket wifis for all of Europe with limited data so that we can stay connected as we drive towards Mongolia!


Disclosure:  Tep is a sponsor of our Mongol Rally team and provided our team with pocket wifis in London and Europe.  However, all of the opinions expressed here though are my own – as you know how I love to speak my mind!

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