Holiday Shopping for $10

December 8, 2011 6 Comments »


Where will you spend your money this season?

Have you checked out Passports with Purpose Travel Blogger fundraising yet? Why the hell not? Let’s look at this logically…

$10 for shopping this holiday season can get you:

  • A parking space to shop in Soho, NYC for an hour.
  • 2.7 gallons of gas to drive from mall to mall trying to find the new Kindle or Ipad.
  • 2 slices of pizza and a coke at the shopping mall food court.
  • A 10 minute neck massage at the local mani/pedi shop after carrying all of those bags.
  • Sending approximately 4 Holiday Cards via snail mail.
  • 2.4 hot apple ciders to quench your shopping thirst.

On the other hand…

$10 for Passports With Purpose this holiday season can get you:

What are you waiting for – stretch your $10 this holiday, plan your 2012 travels and help build a library in Zambia!

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