What I NEED for my Birthday Today

February 12, 2014 7 Comments »

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44 candles!

I’m turning 44 years old today – something I normally try not to publicize.  In fact, there are so many candles to put on my cake, someone better have some water ready to put it out!  But this year is different.  This year I’m throwing my birthday out there for all to see, hear, and participate!  This post is coming straight from the heart – and speaking of heart – I love all of my readers and people who have stumbled across me, my story, and my website for the past 7 years.  I love you so much that I simply give, give, give you content and photos every week and really ask for nothing.  Until now.


“Need” is a funny word.  What do we really, really need in life?  Not much.  I’ve spent the last 7 years traveling around the globe confirming that.  Some of the people with the least really have the richest lives.  However, there are a few basic needs that everyone has no matter where they are from and what religion they practice – water is one of them.

Think about if you couldn’t get water – water that you NEED.

8 Million people NEED clean drinking water – that’s 1 in 9 of us.  

Granted – you probably don’t NEED drinking water…so why should you care?  Because for my birthday I’m asking you to care.

Happy Birthday to Me

Think about the last birthday gift you gave someone.  Did it really make a difference in their life – did they NEED it?  Or were you just adding to the big pile of stuff that we all accumulate in order to follow the expectations and ‘shoulds’ of getting someone something?  As you know – I’m not one to follow expectations and ‘shoulds’ – so that’s why for my birthday this year I’m not asking for any gifts.  Instead, I’m asking you to simply help fulfill a NEED around the globe.

Best gifts for friends going traveling

I don’t care if you give $1 or $100 – the important thing is that you get me something.  100% of your donation will go to clean water solutions.  I know you all have something to give – please don’t let me down.

If you are someone who doesn’t bother with giving to charities  – then no problem – just consider that you are giving this to me.  You are giving me something I NEED – a gift.  Bravo – you have fulfilled your social duties.

Rickshaw Run – I’m Serious

I believe in raising money for clean water solutions so much that I’m willing to risk sanity, life, and limb for it this April.  Charlie Grosso and I will be driving a Rickshaw the length of India to raise money for water.  Yes – it will be fun – but yes – it will also be dangerous.  In fact, many of you have already contacted me asking me NOT to do this.  News flash – I’m pretty stubborn – so please don’t ask me not to do it.  It’s pointless.  Instead – make this risk worth it for me and donate to help us raise and meet our $15,000 goal.

Stubborn and 44…don’t mess with me!

Thanks For Doing Your Part

We have raised $3,975 towards our $15,000 goal – and clearly have a long way to go.  But I think we can make it with your birthday present help!

And a HUGE thanks goes out to those who have already contributed to this audacious goal:

Raymond, Sara, Kaitlyn, Michael, Richard/Cindy, Jeremy, Jannell, Reigan, Jim, Emily, Jodie, Paul, Darcey, Russ, Moira, Jillian, Jean, Michaela/Michael, Scott, Sparky, Wes, Doreen, Joakim, Kimberly, Fiona, Jodi, Nomadic Matt, Kimberly, Francoise, Nancy, Jennifer, and Terry.

If your name isn’t on this list and you are reading this…well…

you know what to do.

And, if you are a company I have worked with in the past – I challenge you to step up and work with me on this goal.

Adventure Life Travel

I was floored by Adventure Life and their generous $1000 donation. I worked and traveled with Adventure Life in Patagonia last year. Nothing makes me happier than forming strong, lasting relationships – thank you from the bottom of my heart Adventure Life Team!

I look forward to seeing your name on that donation list.

Happy Birthday to Me!  Give the Gift of Water!

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