7 Cities, 3 Weeks in 1 ½ Minutes as #GlobalTravelerSherry

October 21, 2013 4 Comments »

Disclosure: Club Carlson compensated me and provided for my travel and accommodations in exchange for writing about my travels with them. Regardless, everything I have said in the post reflects my honest observations and opinions.

Where can you go with Club CarlsonSM Gold Points…watch and find out…

I had originally asked – what can you do in 48 hours in a city – and I found out that the answer is A LOT!  This whirlwind, glamorous trip across North America was a great way to experience the different cultures, art, food, and climates of North America. In my 7 years of traveling the globe, I don’t think that I’ve traveled this rapidly, in such comfort, in this short time. It was quite a challenge for me, and a lot of time in airports and planes. But I am happy to say that my carry on luggage challenge was successful – that was a huge time saver!


Relying on the kindness of friends in NYC.

Thanks to my horrible planning skills and rapid pace, I relied on my readers, friends, locals, and concierges to help me figure out what to do when I got to each place. I love traveling this way – you never know what you are going to discover and what fun adventure a tip is going to take you on. And I had some wonderful surprises along the way.

I’m now back in NYC preparing for my next adventure – but nomadic life has returned again. Gone are the days where I had huge king size beds, 5 pillows, turn down service, and restaurants every night.

I’m back to sofa sleepers, air mattresses, and eating tomato soup!

And this is exactly why I’d love your continued support in the quest to win 2 million Gold Points. If I win, WE split the points, I get 1 million, and a lucky reader gets 1 million. Not only do I get the pleasure of giving a great travel prize away to my readers in 2014, but I also get a little break from constantly searching for places to stay and having to rely on friends when I travel.

Just to show you how valuable Club Carlson Gold Points are – this entire trip would have cost me 874,000 points for 20 nights of accommodations in these 7 cities across North America. So just imagine what YOU would do if you won 1 million Club Carlson points from me.

Club Carlson

Where would you go?

Done dreaming…

Before those dreams can come true, you have to give me a little support first – then you can go back to dreaming.

I’m currently about 6,000 points behind Global Traveler Nora who has been in the lead the whole time. But with a little help – we may just be able to make an underdog comeback! Here’s how you can help this week. The contest ends on Oct. 25th.

• Just go to this page
• click on the button that says “Support Sherry”
• Then follow the instruction on the next page if you have twitter or FB accounts.
• The easiest thing you can do is click on the button near the bottom that says “Give 25 credits” -it just requires that you have a FB account (but it doesn’t post anything on your wall – but it simply gives me points).
• Watch the videos I’ve put on Youtube that say GlobalTravelers (these first 5 in recent uploads)
• You can do all of this stuff daily – through Oct. 25th

And the best part – this is the last time I’ll bug you about this.  I know to some of you it may seems that I have ‘sold out’ taking on this promotional travel – but honestly this was a fun trip and one that I didn’t want to pass up.  I rarely travel in North America, and this was a fun way for me to see new cities/countries, friends, experience a different type of travel that I normally do, and enjoy a little pampering.  I’ve had some negative and positive feedback from readers over these last few weeks, but regardless – it’s back to normal ‘programming’ going forward – please stick with me!

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