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May 3, 2011 2 Comments »

Lonely Planet Ebook Blog sherpa

Have you ever noticed that little blue image at the bottom of my blog before? Go ahead…take a look now…I’ll wait until you scroll down…

Yes – that’s right, I’m the member of an elite travel blogging team that travels the world to bring you the best stories and content inspiring you to dream and hopefully buy a ticket of your own one day! I don’t just do this just for you, but for millions of people, people who read LonelyPlanet.com. This team is called BlogSherpas…and we work hard to carry travel information down mountains, over rivers, and through deserts to our audience. We don’t wear special uniforms or have funny hats, but we do wield laptops, cameras, and carry anit-diarrhea meds.

This elite traveling team has now banded together with their cameras and has brought you one of the coolest, most-inspiring, ebooks you’ll see this year. Before I go any further…we are bringing it to you for FREE. No strings attached…just beautiful photos from across the planet that will will give you a travel jolt!

Blog Sherpa Photo ebook

The Planet D Photography for Lonely Planet Blog Sherpa

Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers takes readers on a world tour featuring almost 70 countries, and introduces the world of professional travel blogging. Within it, each blogger, hand picked by Lonely Planet, shares a collection of stunning photos that capture the essence of their travel.

“From an experiment born of our Innovation team, the Lonely Planet Blogger program has grown to encompass some of the most experienced travel writers around the globe.  The original concept was simple: get the best travel bloggers out there to share their thoughts and ideas with as large an audience as possible. Lonely Planet had the audience and some stunning content, but by inviting in great bloggers we broadened our content offering while exposing these writers and photographers to a new audience. Our mission was to shine a light on the best travel writing and images on the planet.” –Lonely Planet Editorial Team

The ebook features some of my favorite photographers such as Dave from the ThePlanetD, Barbara from HoleintheDonut, Georgia from GingerBeruit, Todd from Todd’sWanderings, Abigail from InsideTheTravelLab, Keith from VelvetEscape, and many more. I was proud to have my photography among this great elite travel group!

Lonely Planet Blog Sherpa ebook

UnpoppedCollar photography for Blog Sherpa

And, if photos aren’t enough, then be sure to visit each Sherpa’s travel blog, and check out the other Blogsherpa contributions in the “Blogs We Like” section of each Lonely Planet destination page (lower left corner). Such as this page about Sri Lanka.

The ebook is FREE and I’m not going to make you do anything for it.  I personally get tired of jumping through hoops for things online.  However – do know that this book took a lot of time, effort, and money on all of our parts and it is a professional publication.  So – if you are interested in good karma, then please consider doing one of the following prior to downloading the free book.  These are all of my projects that I work diligently on to inspire others to travel.  I would appreciate your support.

Enough talking…start viewing…for FREE! Dig into the 88 pages of color, excitement and passion for travel that jumps out at the reader and beckons, “Come, join me on this globe.”.

Download the Ebook – Click Here

Free PHoto ebook Lonely planet blog sherpa

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