A Chat About Small Ship Adventures

July 12, 2016   1 Comment »

A Chat About Small Ship Adventures

July 12, 2016 1 Comment »

Small is beautiful! At least when it comes to being on the water.

I co-host a live Twitter Chat on Adventure Travel so that I can continue to get great ideas on adventures to take around the world…and share a few of my own. I Co-host with two other adventurous women, Nellie of Wild Junket and Laurel of Monkeys and Mountains, and occasionally we have ‘special guests’. This week our #AdvTravelChat topic was all about getting out on the water with our sponsor Blount Small Ship Adventures.

As you may recall, I was just on a Blount New England small ship cruise with my mom and sister-in-law and it was a wonderful way to easily get around the vast choices of New England islands, all while not having to worry about finding a hotel room!  I’m no stranger to small ships, I cruised to Antarctica, sailed to Rio, hiked and boated my way around Turkey, cruised the Sea of Cortez, took sailing lessons in Italy, and last summer cruised to Wrangel Island in the high Arctic. Not to mention I’ve had a few kayak adventures too! My favorite style of water travel is definitely expedition cruising  – probably becuase it means that I’m going on an authentic adventure exploring hard to reach parts of the world. And I love hard to reach parts of the world.

small ship cruising Brazil

My ship in Brazil

That’s why I love small ships, you can get to places that are hard to reach and big ships can’t. I don’t want to just be a number who has to dress up to eat; I want to have an authentic, educational, relaxed experience, in small ports and hard to reach places.  That’s what small ships can provide that big ships can’t.

For last week’s chat, not only did we talk about Blount’s custom designed ship and itineraries, we also chatted about adventures on yachts, sailboats, river cruising, rowboats – no ship was too small to tweet about! If you don’t know what a Twitter Chat is, let’s just say that it’s a fast paced hour of live questions and answers on Twitter.  If you are looking for some ideas for planning a small ship adventure trip, here’s a whole new list of ideas on how you can get out on the water, where to go, what to bring and what adventures you can take with these favorite answers!

And don’t forget to join us in our next Adventure Travel Twitter Chat – they happen the first Wednesday of every month at 1PM Eastern time and last for an hour. Join in the conversation by following #AdvTravelChat!

Recap of Winter Adventure Travel Twitter Chat

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