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September 25, 2013 3 Comments »

Disclosure: Club Carlson compensated me and provided for my travel and accommodations in exchange for writing about my travels with them. Regardless, everything I have said in the post reflects my honest observations and opinions.

carry on

My 3 weeks of luggage…the backpack is filled with electronics only!

I hate packing. I’m a horrible packer. Even after 7 years I still take too much stuff with me. However for this Club Carlson project – I’m going to try to turn over a new leaf and become a carry-on traveler for the next 3 weeks.  Since I normally travel places for longer periods I check my bag and take plenty of options – but this time it’s different.

First I had to dig out a carry on suitcase from my storage unit – not an easy task when faced with this.


I swear there’s a carry on suitcase in there somewhere!

Other challenges

• I have to deal with a climate challenge. I’m traveling from Vancouver Canada which is entering autumn and temps of 50 to 60 degrees and then to New Orleans and Aruba on the beach with temps of 85 degrees. Two totally different wardrobes for the 3 weeks is going to be necessary.
• I’m a runner – so I have to take running clothes and shoes (dreaded bulk) – plus all of the hotels I’m staying at have workout facilities – so I want to take advantage of them.
• I will be going out to some nice dinners at some of the hotels so I will need to have a couple of versatile nice outfits.
• The hardest part is always the electronics though. I have a laptop, DSLR and lenses, backup drives, Telecom mifi device to stay connected, and various cords for charging. This means one backpack will just be full of techie stuff.

Utilizing the Hotels

My one big strategy for this light packing is the fact that I will have to utilize the hotels I will be staying in for their laundry services as well as their toiletries. That’s right – I’m not taking any shampoo, conditioner, soap, or lotion – normal staples in my toiletry bag. In fact my toiletry bag is down to this…


Packing light!

My other strategy is to stick with a simple color palette, and buy whatever I really need.  So I have a pretty boring black and white color palette – but put in two colorful scarves and hats to give it some style. If you couldn’t tell from previous posts and pictures – I’m a hat person.  In fact – I carry more hats than bras with me when I travel – this trip is no different.

So – I’m off…as a carry-on traveler to Vancouver today! I feel rather naked without my normal bag check ticket, and tense about the whole thing – but excited for the challenge – and so are my shoulders and back!

Learn more about all of the Club Carlson Global Travelers!  And while you are there check out how you can support me in this journey by clicking on the button that says “Support Sherry Ott”

When you travel do you carry-on or check your luggage?  Any tips to share for carrying on?

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