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career break

In the first month of my career break travels…learning about life outside the 9 to 5

I can see it in their body language; their crinkled forehead is the first sign. They search and stammer for words, they shuffle their feet – all representing the indecision that is flowing through them as they try to determine if it’s appropriate to ask the question they really want to ask me. I know the question – it’s the question I ALWAYS get. It’s so predictable I get bored with it sometimes.

“How do you do what you do – how do you travel around the world?”

When they finally get the nerve to verbalize it – I (hopefully) reassure them that it’s a question that everyone asks and I’ll happily answer them. I’ve answered it a thousand times. One day – I may actually get myself organized enough to write a detailed blog post about it – or maybe an ebook or hold a webinar. But the first thing to know above anything else is that I never would have made it this far in my world travels and unconventional lifestyle if I hadn’t taken the first step – taking a career break. My career break helped me to revaluate my life, direction, and satiate my desire to see and experience the world for longer then a two week vacation.

My career break kicked off this whole 6 year ride of travel, blogging, photography, and living nomadically. In fact I’m so indebted to that career break that I have made it a mission of mine to help others realize the benefits of taking a career break to re-evaluate the direction of their life and simply take a life inventory while seeing the world and increasing your global marketability. I want to change the way we think about delaying gratification until retirement. Is retirement really a possibility anyway – or is it just a word we use to make ourselves think there’s an end?

So I’m not quite ready or prepared to write my ebook about how I travel around the world – but I do have a way to teach you exactly how to take a career break…
Meet Plan Go 2012

It’s the only travel event of its kind that actually is for people to learn how to do extended travel. This event is not simply a floor of tour operators who advertise their multitude of vacation options.

Meet Plan Go! is for the people who feel that there is more to a culture, a country, or a region that they see on their nightly news.
This is for the people who dare to live the life they want.
This is for the people who are sitting in their cube or sitting in traffic during a commute wondering how they ended up in their good, yet uninspiring job.
This is for people who dare to be different.
This is for the people who have an unexplainable and undeniable urge to go around the world that burns deep within them.
This is for all of the people who look at my site and think…I wish I could do that…
This is for the people who think…I could never do that…

This is for the people who yearn to travel…really travel…

For the 3rd year I’m orchestrating the biggest career break event on the continent…and dare I say the world. But I can’t do it alone – I have a team of people and career break veterans helping me. On October 16th in 10 cities across North America we are holding Meet, Plan, Go! Events.

Toronto | Boston | New York City | South Florida | Chicago 

Austin | Minneapolis | Seattle | San Francisco | San Diego

At every event you will

MEET like-minded, supportive travelers in person.
• Get resources and tips to PLAN your career break travels.
• Find inspiration to GO by hearing other career breaker’s stories.

At these events you will meet and learn from individuals who have fulfilled their own dreams of traveling around the world. Their real-life career break stories include the unique challenges that all long-term travelers must overcome in order to claim their freedom on the road. They will not only provide you with inspiration, but also tips on how they did it, travel planning resources, and answers to your questions.
In our ‘break out groups’ you will be able to talk to travel experts and walk away with resources on specific areas of travel planning, travel modes, and travel options.
If you are tired of two weeks of vacation time and want to break away from the cube to explore the world, we will teach you how on October 16th.

ask a question

Attendees in NYC 2011 get answers to their travel questions

I’ll actually be hosting the event in New York City and I can hardly wait to meet a bunch of burned out New Yorkers who need this – I was there, I understand that need.

If you want to know how I planned and achieved my career break and how you can too, then simply go to MeetPlanGo.com and learn more about how to get your ticket and start the first step to reaching your travel goals.

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