Tough Love

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Career Break  Travel Conference

Join me for the 2014 Career Break Travel Conference

“If it causes you so much stress, why did you decide to have an event again?” He asked

Sigh….my chest moves slowly up and heavily down.

I often ask myself this same question internally. Ever since announcing the 2014 Meet Plan Go Career Break Travel Conference last week, the early morning worry has already started to consume me. It wakes me up at 5:30AM and doubt starts to consume my brain.

“What if no one comes?” echoes through my semi conscience sleep. Soon it has me consumed enough to get up out of bed, start drinking coffee, and start to work on ways to ease my worry. Worry is always the most effective alarm – no snooze button necessary.

I look at him and explain, “Because helping people take career breaks and inspiring them to travel via Meet Plan Go is the most rewarding thing I do despite the stress.”

Sometimes life throws you a bit of tough love.

It’s true – I do a lot of really cool stuff in my career as a travel writer but the most tangible rewarding thing I do is to host and attend Meet Plan Go Career Break events. Every time I do an event it leaves me giddy with excitement, it gives me pride, and it feels right – like this is what I’m supposed to be doing. So much of my life and work is lived behind this computer, and the events get me out and allow me to interact with people who also love travel.

What is Meet Plan Go?

So if you don’t know about Meet Plan Go – it’s time you learn. I have been juggling my time between Ottsworld and Meet Plan Go now since 2008 – both loves of my life, both travel related, both will hopefully inspire you to take risks, make desired changes in your life, interact with the world, and live life to it’s fullest.

Career Break Conference

Me doing a little marketing of the last conference in 2012

I started Meet Plan Go with good friends Michaela and Michael. We built the website and events out of our passion to get mid career professionals thinking about no longer waiting for retirement to do the things they wanted to do.  Our goal is to have a Career Break on every resume.   So many people are terrified of taking a break from their careers to pursue their own happiness – it’s very foreign to us in America. However, I believe Career Breaks are necessary.  Research shows that taking a break from our busy routines is the only way to really grow and make change. Therefore we created the Meet Plan Go website to provide inspirational stories of others who have taken their career breaks and to learn how they did it so that you can do your own.

Digital Support is Good, But In-Person is Better

Often all we need to make change in our lives is a little push and encouragement. That’s why we created Meet Plan Go events – for people with similar goals and travel dreams to meet face to face to get the support they need to take a career break leap. It’s like our website – but with REAL people who you can talk with face to face.

Career Break Conference 2014

Join us in NYC September 20, 2014

Getting people on the road to achieving their travel dreams is better than any paycheck I could ask for. The emails I get from people weekly about their career breaks they have taken is what fueled me into doing another career break event for 2014 – despite the stress it causes me. It’s tough love – but it’s totally worth it to hear stories like this:

“My husband and I are 11 months into our trip around the world and we have a lot of thanks to send your way. We had been dreaming of traveling like this, but I didn’t think it was really possible until I read an article you were quoted in almost 3 years ago. Shortly after that, I attended the Meet, Plan, Go event in San Francisco where you spoke. Your story, and many others, really resonated with me and we made a commitment to make our dream a reality. And here we are.
Thank you for inspiring me and many others to take these leaps of faith. We’ve had an amazing trip including volunteering in Cambodia for three months. I can’t imagine not having taken this time to explore more of the world.” –Jill

So I’m back at it again. Learn more about the September 20th, 2014 Career Break Travel Conference – New York City

For all of you readers out there who follow my travels because you have a dream of doing it yourself, then this is the event for you. Or, if you just wanted to meet me and others in person who have traveled long term then this is the event for you. We will get you started off on your path to travel the world – I guarantee it!

Eventbrite - Meet Plan Go Career Break Travel Event - New York City 2014  <–Here’s all the info you need to get signed up and get ready to go on your very own travels around the world.

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