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Belgium Photography Dinant

Picture perfect Dinant in Wallonia.

This is the story of luck.  Sometimes I get lucky. The travel Gods shine down upon me and give me a friendly hand, but this time they shined down upon me and gave me a trip to Belgium. Last fall I submitted this story and photography to a contest that AFAR Magazine was running online. Miracle of miracles – mine won.

AFAR Magazine

My winning picture and article in AFAR Magazine

For submitting an article about a cool off-the-beaten-path Highlight in the Netherlands, I won a trip to Belgium for two! The next decision was whom was I going to take? The lucky friend ended up being my girlfriend Charlie, another avid traveler and photographer. Together we started planning our Belgium trip. Since I had been to Belgium and Brussels before I was eager to try to find some new places that I was yet to explore in Brussels, and Charlie and I were also eager to do some gastronomy travel in Belgium. I personally think that Belgium has some of the best gastronomic delights in the world – frites, cheese, beer, mussels, chocolate, and waffles to name a few classics.

As part of the prize, Visit Belgium tourist office helped us organize our desires and plan a gastronomy day in the Wallonia region. Then I went to my good friend and Belgian expat, Alison of the blog (who knows EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about travel in Belgium), and got advice from her on how to get off the beaten path in Brussels. For Alison’s help in planning I decided to make her a lucky friend and invite her along for the gastronomy day in Wallonia.

Kicking off my Belgium travel, here’s some Belgium photography of the out of the way places that I visited in Belgium that most tourists don’t get to.

Belgium Photography

Brussels Royal Gardens Laeken

Royal Gardens in Laeken has an Asian touch

Royal Palace Laeken

Royal Palace in Laeken

Namur citadel belgium

Citadel in town of Namur. Perched high above the river and city.

Belgium Royal Greenhouse

Inside the Royal Greenhouse in Laeken

City Hall Brussels

A city hall near the neighborhood of Jette in Brussels.

Castle along the Meuse

Castle grounds in Wallonia near Meuse River

Royal Gardens Laeken

Royal Gardens Brussels

Farmhouse door

Farmhouse in Wallonia


Old Wallonia homes – I believe this one was for sale!

Love Brussels Food?

food guide to brusselsOne of my good friends & former Brussels expat, Alison, spent years researching the Brussels food scene – including waffles! She wrote a guide to the best food in Brussels – a must have item if you are traveling to the region!

The Foodie Guide to Brussels: Local Tips for Restaurants, Shops, Hotels, and Activities

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