Remembering Antarctica

December 20, 2013 21 Comments »

iceberg sunset

Antarctica’s beauty is hard to get out of my mind.

Have you ever had a trip that ruined you? One that was so good that once it was finished you never felt another place could live up to it or bring you this feeling again?

That was Antarctica for me.

Exactly one year ago I was in Antarctica experiencing my trip of a lifetime with my father. And a year later I’m still having trouble getting it out of my head. There was something so beautiful about it that I can’t seem to get past it. The moment the ship pulled back into the docks at Ushuaia I knew I didn’t want to get off – I knew I was ruined. I loved the untouched Antarctic – a place where countries, leaders, dictators, and human beings were not in control, we are merely visitors in the cold untouched landscapes and waters.

For years when people asked me where I dreamed of going my answer was Antarctica. However, after achieving that dream, I’ve been lost. I don’t even have an answer for the question any longer. I try to want other destinations like I wanted Antarctica – but nothing is really the same. I try out other names like Alaska, Arctic, Iceland, Tasmania, Falkland Islands, and Bhutan. But nothings seems to jump out at me to focus on like I was focused on Antarctica.

It’s sort of like a relationship that ended unwantedly. You can’t move on. You mourn it, but nothing ever seems to live up to it. I look my Antarctica photography longingly of icebergs, kayaking, and penguins. I mean seriously – how can you not love Antarctica when you see these pictures?



Penguins antarctica

iceberg reflection antarctica

antarctica sunset


kayak antarctica


leopard seal antarctica


So – how do you move on from a trip of a lifetime? How can I shake this?

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