Angels Around the World

June 1, 2012 3 Comments »


Angel with cross

An angel guards a bridge and Christianity in Rome

They say angels are everywhere, and considering I feel like I’ve been everywhere I think I can sort of weigh in on this subject.  Angels can be found in the most unusual places around the world.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and demeanor; some happy, some sad, some scarey, some welcoming.  But the one thing that bonds them together is that they  always have wings.

Where do you find angels in the world?

Angel Milan

A mini angel looks like a fairy in Milan Italy

Berlin wall angel

Angel on the Berlin Wall

Central Park Angel

Central Park Angel New York City

Rome Angel

Rome Angel

Australia Angels

Angels from down under! Sydney Australia

Angel trumpet

Musical Angel in Paris

camino angel

Angel spottings on the Camino de Santiago

cemetery angel

Cemetery Angel in Testaccio Rome

naughty angel

Naughty Angel in Tachele's Berlin

Venice Angel

Angel watching over Venice Italy

Spain angel

Angels in Spain shows through the fog


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