Am I a Wandering Educator?

March 7, 2009 1 Comment »

Wandering yes...educator...hmmm?

Wandering yes...educator...hmmm?

I was recently contacted by a website to do an interview.  To my surprise, the website was .  Am I really an educator…am I wandering…hmmm – I never really thought about it like that.  I just thought I was running away from ‘real life’ and trying to make enough money to live!

As you all know though, I love any chance to do an interview, it gives my lonely little blogging life meaning and purpose.  It reminds me that people do actually read the stuff that I write…and they like it!  Jessie from Wandering Educators contacted me for an interview and of course after looking at the site and making sure that it wasn’t porn, I said yes! 

View the Ottsworld interview on Wandering Educators

Jessie asked some great questions that really made me think about my experiences here and changing from corporate life to a life of teaching and living abroad.  What I love about interviews is that is forces me to see my life from an outsiders perspective – and it generally looks pretty good from the outside looking in; inside looking out is not always so pretty!  However this interview did remind me of just how lucky I am to be living this adventure!

Please check out the interview and wander around their site!  They feature some great artists, and travel book reviews.

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