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February 18, 2008 Comments Off on Advertising on Ottsworld has been in existence since 2006 with a loyal following of primarily American travelers.


  • Google Page Rank of 4; Alexa Rank approximately 103,130 worldwide (39,942 USA)
  • Per Google Analytics (October – December 2012 – 3 month average) Ottsworld received 39,457 unique visitors (196,552 page views).  This includes traffic from Stumble Upon, Facebook, Lonely Planet and Twitter.
  • Currently, 10,777 Twitter followers (@Ottsworld), Klout ranking 66, and 1,340 Facebook likes, 773 Instagram followers and 666 Pinterest followers
  • Audience:  Ottsworld – Primarily female age 25-44.  53% of overall traffic is from the US. (6% UK, 6% Canada, 3% Australia, 2% India)


Ottsworld – Primarily female age 25-44.  60% of overall traffic is from the US. (10% UK, 7% Canada, 2% Australia)

Ottsworld Writing Outlets/Syndication:

Featured on World Reviewer Travel Blogswith partial posts highlighted.

Posts syndicated on We Blog The World.

Featured on as an Ambassador with my travel tips highlighted.

Advertising Options

  • Banner ad on right side bar 300×250 (seen sitewide or home page only)
  • Widget (code) placement on home page side bar (dependent on size and amount of links/code)
  • Square banner ad in right side bar 125×125 (seen sitewide or home page only)
  • A single ‘sponsor’ banner on the top/bottom of post

 I do not do product review posts of products I have never used. So please don’t write me and ask to do so.

I’m also available for press trips and product reviews. I will write about experience (honestly) on the site and provide links.

Payments are made through paypal and all ads must be pre-approved.

Please contact me at info(at)ottsworld(dot)com for pricing information or advertising options available on my other sites.  Discounts are available for ads on multiple sites.

Other websites: – The leading Career Break Travel website in America.  Promoting extended travel and career break travel through in person meet ups, online communities, and online travel training called Basic Training.

See more information on my online Media Kit

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