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spring snow berlin

A snowy spring in Berlin

It’s the first day of Spring – and it snowed here in Berlin this week. Yes – snow. This is just one of the many reasons why I’m really excited about my next stop on my travels in April – it will be warm! Last week I posted a question on my Facebook page having people guess where I was going next from a list of four trips:

Which Exodus Travels trip do you think I chose for my next Adventure after Berlin and why?
Costa Rica Biking
Galapagos Wildlife
Oman Hiking
Bhutan Discovery

23 People put in their guesses and people seemed to be split between Bhutan and Oman – and some just wanted to join me regardless!

exodus3 exodus2.jpg exodus

I’m happy to announce that I’m going to a place where snow is NOT in the vocabulary – however sand is. No – it’s not a beach.

It’s Oman!

I will wait while some of you check your globe or fire up google maps.

There…did you find it now? Pretty darn exciting huh?

What Will I Be Doing in Oman?

Thanks to Exodus Travel I am going from Northern European winter to the Spring in the Middle East. This should be a good climate change! The warmer weather should be nice, but I’m most excited about exploring this new country’s landscapes, culture, and people. The Middle East and the Arabic culture is one that captured my heart 2 years ago in Jordan and Lebanon and I’ve been wanting to get back to it ever since.

Exodus is a small group tour company specializing in exploring a country and it’s cultures. So I won’t be alone, and most of the time I will be on foot. Here’s a look at what I’ll be doing.

What do you think – will I survive the itinerary? I’m starting to wonder that myself!.

oman map

Map of Oman Itineray

However – even though I’ll be well supported by the Exodus team I’m still pretty nervous about what lies ahead of me. The hiking is going to be challenging, and the detailed Itinerary that I was sent it has us hiking about 5 to 7 hours a day every day. Our group will be hiking on cliff sides and steep technical descents while camping for the entire week so that means some cold nights, no showers and roughing it. All of these things equally intimidate me and excite me – the sign that I am going to have an amazing time.

Plus – more than anything I’m excited about capturing this seldom-visited country in photographs. I’ve heard that the landscape is some of the most stunning in the Middle East and experiencing sunrise and sunset while camping in the wilderness is sure to bring great photography!

But what about Bhutan, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos?

For all of you that were hoping I went to Bhutan – don’t worry – I’m sure I will get there one day as it’s high on my list. However while I’m in Oman this April, 3 of my good friends will be hitting all of those other amazing destinations so be sure to follow along on their trips which occur throughout April.

• Michael Hodson will be biking through Costa Rica
• Ayngelina Brogan will be cruising through the Galapagos
• Lisa Lubin will be discovering the exotic country of Bhutan
(You can see each of their itineraries by clicking on the country links)

It will be a fun month of wildlife, cycling, trekking, and discovering with Exodus in 4 very different environments!


Not just one, but TWO things for you…

1) Exodus has given me a 10% discount code for my readers. Just quote `BLOG` when you book a trip and you’ll save a fast 10%. Go ahead and take a second to click through and just check out what sort of tours they have to offer — there are tons of impressive options.
2) If 10% off is not enough, there is a way to get a trip for free. Exodus has a contest running called Feel More Alive. Moments from travel are often some of the most exciting in our lives and Exodus is trying to assemble the biggest collection of these moments by asking people to submit videos and photos that share a moment that made them feel more alive. Feel More Alive is a monthly contest, which means you have multiple chances to win. You just upload a video to the site and every month the panel from Exodus Tours chooses one winner that inspires them, celebrates adventure and represents the value of “feeling more alive through travel.” You can check out the contest details here.


What’s stopping you? January’s winner is going to Machu Picchu. February’s winner is going to Rwanda. March through December are up for the taking.

Disclosure: I will be a guest of Exodus as a part of a Navigate Media Group project. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own – as you know how I love to speak my mind!

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