15 of the Most Read Articles on Boots-n-all

January 8, 2009 3 Comments »

Squatty Pottie popularity!

Squatty Pottie popularity!

I recently found out some surprising news.  Bootsnall, where my blog was originally hosted, just published their year end newsletter and included a story to the 15 most read articles on Boots-n-all from 2008.  I was scrolling through the list and there my article was at the bottom – Pee Pee Island:  A Girls Guide to the Asian Squatty Potties!  I was a bit stunned!  I actually wrote/submitted that article back in 2007, so I guess it’s still popular! 

Here’s what they had to say about it:

Of all the articles on listed here, this easily has the best title. It’s possible it’s one of the best-titled articles ever published on BootsnAll, in fact. And the subject isn’t just funny to read about – this is practical information that a girl’s gotta know.  

So – go check out the other 14 articles and browse around Bootsnall – its a wonderful resource for long term travelers!

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