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Halloween – Jelloween

November 7, 2006 No Comments »

+15 Tweet Pin Share Share2 StumbleShares 7 Photo: Bill, Ghost (Trent), and Jello…Happy Halloween! It was a long bus day today and a very full bus (I guess everyone wanted to get to Queenstown for Halloween). By now I had a group of ‘new friends’ that I enjoyed hanging out with from the Magic Bus […]

The Ice that Warmed my Heart

November 1, 2006 8 Comments »

+177 Tweet1 Pin1 Share Share StumbleShares 79 Let me take you all back to grade school when you learned about glaciers – but probably weren’t paying attention… A glacier is the remaining winter snow that the summer melt has been unable to remove from the cooler heights. Each year another layer of surplus snow is […]