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Things to do in Sri Lanka

My Sri Lankan Loves:

One of the best ways to get around the little island nation of Sri Lanka is by train. They are old, crowded, slow; but there’s really no need to ever be in a hurry in Sri Lanka – so we just sat back, relaxed, and watched the green hills go by.

Climbing Sigiriya –  an ancient fortress and ruins situated in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka, surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs, and other structures.

I went templing (it’s a verb!) in Kandy to visit three little temples – one made of wood, one made of bricks and one made of stone.

Visiting a sacred tooth – yes, tooth – in Kandy.

Hotels in Sri Lanka:

Auraliya – this isn’t a guest house, or a hotel…it is absolute paradise.

Mosvold Villas – This is my favorite kind of place to stay – with only a few rooms and lovely shared areas.

 Waterfalls Homestay – This guest house was tucked away among green trees and monkeys and true to it’s name – it had a stunning waterfall view. This place was top notch because it was run by an Australian expat couple who clearly knew what western tourists expected in service.

Jetwing Hotels – A super lineup of boutique luxury hotels, villas, and some really impressive large properties with green initiatives.  I highly recommend checking out their lineup – I loved every Jetwing property I stayed at!

 Sri Lanka Photos:

Do you love templing?  If so, head over here to my Sri Lanka photo gallery and check out some of the unique and gorgeous temples I visited in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka photos

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