Mongol Rally, Romania

What I see out my window – Mongol Rally

4 Comments 07 August 2011


Everywhere you look in Eastern Europe are sunflower fields dotting the landscapes in yellow.

I spend a lot of time looking out the window of our little Hot Box.  Even though we don’t have time to really stop and experience the countries we are racing through, we can see a lot of the countryside that many tourists never see.  I think the weirdest things is to realize the we are moving ahead in time every day, adding hours as we pass through time zones, yet we are actually moving back in time when it comes to what I see out my window.

The living conditions seem to get more hearty and you see many more people sitting by the side of the road selling vegetables and seasonal fruit.  We moved from European cars to horse carts.  And each town seems to get boxier in architecture and a bit more run down. We travel in compartives as it gets hotter every day, the roads get worse, and gas gets cheaper.  Plus – the toilet conditions deteriorate slowly with every stop we make.

It’s weird to travel this way, to move backwards and forwards in time.  So much to take in and no real time to process it.


A run down industrial view


Road side fruit stands


A railroad 'hut' for workers who put up/down the crossbucks when trains come.

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  1. That “run down industrial view”is a power plant and its cooling towers. The condition being what it is, I can only hope it’s not a nuclear-powered plant.

  2. Palma Cittadella says:

    love how you framed your experience with words…moving forward in time, but really backward in so many other ways…

  3. absolutely love the sunflower field… i happened to see a few when driving across bulgaria… a beautiful site indeed…and a great image.

    keep on, keeping on… stay adventurous, Craig

  4. The sunflower field is such a memorable photo. You’ll certainly see diverse scenery on this journey – best wishes :)

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