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5 Comments 08 July 2014

The last week I took a detour from my regular travels and got a little dirty.  As part of my Niece Project 3.0 Megan decided that she wanted to do a little volunteering in Peru, so our last week was spent working with the amazing people of Project Peru in various capacities.  We headed north of Lima to the district of Puente Piedra to do our volunteering.  It was really eye opening to see the change from Miraflores Lima to Puenta Piedra – night and day – rich and poor.  The landscape became more congested dirt filled, tree-less, and surprisingly happy.  Isn’t that the weird part about poverty or the ‘have-not’s’?  The less they have the happier they appear to be.

We stayed at the refuge of Project Peru that also houses 50 children from the Las Laderas shanty town.  While in the refuge we played with the kids, helped with English, and walked them to/from school.  We also saw just how much work it is to run a refuge with 50 kids and just a handful of ‘house mothers’.  We helped with the shopping, laundry, discipline, cooking, and anything else that kept this well-oiled machine running.

For the other part of the week we spent in the community of Las Laderas – a shanty town full of single mothers and lots of kids.  Built into the barren, dusty hills of Lima – we saw how families survive there – barely.  Prior to the trip Megan did fundraising in order to fund some new houses in the area for families in need.  She successfully rose over $1800 which equated to about 2 houses.  Megan and I worked with a crew of 2 to 3 guys from Project Peru and built a new house for a family in the community as well as started the foundation of a 2nd house before we had to head back to the US.  It was a really rewarding experience and a great way to see real life in Lima and understand the struggles of many.

The fundraising is still going on for Project Peru!  You can provide your donation here.


Volunteering Lima

Heading to Las Laderas today to continue working on our small but colorful house. We’ll be finishing it up by tomorrow!



A little Sunday swing time at Project Peru!


volunteering construction lima

All nails done by hand! Made great progress on the house building today!


shoe shine

The kids live in a really dusty environment at Project Peru but they still believe in polished shoes before school!


volunteer lima

Meet the mother who will be living in the house we are building! She’s single w 2 adorable kids!



This is what shopping for feeding 50 kids looks like! A great trip to the market today!

volunteering building  peru

Our 1st wall of the house we are building for Project Peru is finished! Didn’t @meganlea_ do a great job? Only 3 more to go!

corn peru market

Shopping day for Project Peru! Delicious choclo (corn) in the Puente Piedra market. The kernels are giant!


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  1. That sounds like a great project to be involved in and I am sure those families are very thankful for all of your dedication and hard work!

    I took agree that the happiest people I have met have been those with the least amount of resources.

  2. Amazing that you did so much in just one week! Very generous of you to spend your time like this there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bryan says:

    That’s a lot of work in a small amount of time! Talk about some hustle. Besides building homes, what else does Project Peru do?

    • Sherry says:

      They not only build houses in Las Laderas – but they also build bigger buildings like schools and soup kitchens. And they have built and fund the Project Peru refuge where we stayed. They house 50 children full time living in the refuge – it’s a massive operation and a really good one. They are actually based out of the UK and they are always working on fundraising as they have a lot to support. We were happy to add a little bit to that.

  4. Awesome that you did so much in just one week! Very nice of you to invest like this there. That appears to be like an excellent venture to be engaged in and I am sure those family members are very grateful for all of your commitment and difficult work!

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