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5 Comments 06 September 2009

Sometimes you have to ignore the signs...

Sometimes you have to ignore the signs...

A quick little post about tooting my own horn…hell – if I don’t do it – then who will?  This summer I was lucky enough to be featured on some other websites, in magazines, and even a travel radio show!  This summer may very well have been my 10 minutes of fame; poof – it’s all gone and used up, so I might as well relish it for a while!  Toot!

Escape from Corporate America:
Pam Skillings did an interview of my Corporate Escape on her website recently.  If you’re new to my blog – you can actually read this quick little article and get my background of how I ended up here bloggin in Vietnam.
Daring Tales of Corporate Escape – Sherry Ott, World Traveler

Photographer of the Month on the Wandering Educators:
I gladly accept this honor of Photographer of the Month…wait a minute – where’s the red carpet?  Regardless, I was thrilled to be chosen and have a chance to talk about my photography and share it with a new audience!
Wandering Educators Photographer of the Month – Sherry Ott

Vietnam Blogging:
AsiaLIFE Magazine recently interviewed me for an article they were doing on Bloggers Abroad.  AsiaLIFE is a Vietnam English magazine simliar to TimeOut.  It’s essential to learning what’s going on in HCMC and HaNoi!  I was thrilled to be included with a small group of expat bloggers in Vietnam – I was in great company!
Bloggers Abroad

Why we Travel:
Transitions Abroad and author Nora Dunn interviewed me for an article on The Motivation for Long Term Travel.  I was included with a great group of other long term travelers and we gave our insights into why we do it.  A question I”m sure you’re all dying to know – so check out my response!
The Motivation for Long Term Travel – by Nora Dunn

KPAM Radio: 
For the record – I also recently did an on air interview on living in Vietnam for a travel show on KPAM Radio in Portland, Oregon.  I haven’t figure out how to upload that here – so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

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  1. Nora says:

    Wow – This is some awesome stuff to brag about! Congratulations….you deserve it. (And thanks for the link to my article…with your awesome contribution it has become quite popular)!

  2. Dave and Deb says:

    Congratulations on your fabulous year! It is only going to get bigger and better I know it.

  3. Mark H says:

    Congratulations. Deserved success and recognition of your blogging efforts.

  4. Leslie says:

    Hi Sherry, Congratulations on all of these accolades! I recently became a fan of your blog. Briefcase to Backpack is one of my favorite travel Web sites, which is how I discovered Ott’s World. I’m a late follower to Ott’s World, so the highlights in the Three Glorious Years post is a great read.

    The article from Wandering Educators has a lot of good advice. A friend once explained why people should ask to take a photo by saying, “Imagine being in the backyard of your home, then a group of foreigners walks by, stares and starts taking pictures. How would you like that?” Oops, before that, I was probably an example of what not to do. :)

  5. Shannon says:

    Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn. Congrats and kudos to you! Keep up the awesome stories!

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