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The Motorbike Diaries – Vol. 7

2 Comments 24 March 2009

Start from the Beginning – Motorbike Diaries Vol. 1
I’m on the road and my motorbike is parked in my living room having a vacation!  I thought I would put out this post though since it pertains to motorbikes and Vietnam.  Stay tuned for more Motorbike Diaries and travel posts when I return from my trekking in the Philippines!

Bikes of Burden by Hans Kemp

Who needs a trunk and four wheels – it’s overrated!

As you all know – I am fascinated with the motorbike culture in Vietnam.  I’ve taken many hours watching traffic in complete amazement.  I have tried to capture this crazy phenomenon in photos and in video – but I have a hard time doing it justice.  However I recently came across this book – Bikes of Burden by Hans Kemp.  Hans had to log hours and hours on a motorbike to get these shots…his poor lungs!

It’s simply a photobook, but it does the best job of capturing what the motorbike culture is like.  These pictures depict what I see every day here.  If you are looking for a book for a Vietnam enthusiasts or a motorbike enthusiast – check this out!  It’s great coffee table conversation!
Preview it on Amazon – Bikes of Burden

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The Motorbike Diaries – vol. 8

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