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4 Comments 26 December 2007

Photo: Sunset on Ocean Beach, San Francisco

I suppose many of you who are following this journey (are you really still with me after 15 months?) are under the assumption that once I get back to the US, I will end this blog monstrosity. Ahhhh – but if you’ve really been paying attention – then you would know that I hate to be predictable…I’d rather be stuck in a Moroccan airport for days.

When I started this site, it was simply a way for me to show some friends photography of my journey, for people to keep tabs on me, and to show people sitting at their desk what the rest of the world looks like. I had no idea that I would actually like to blog. Yup, I can admit it, I have turned into one of these annoying people that actually likes to share my life, thoughts, and disappointments with the world. I personally think this is the product of being single and 37 with no kids. Just think, if I was the normal 37 year old woman, I’d be taking all of this time and throwing it into my kids. Driving them to soccer practice, helping them with homework, going to PTA meetings, and yes…even going to church. However – since I don’t do those things (at least when I’m not in Singapore), I have redirected all of this energy and free time into writing and photography – and sharing it with whomever will listen. The surprising thing is that there are actually LOTS of people listening. So – this blog won’t go down without a fight.

Actually – one of the ways I’m dealing with the roller coaster of emotions from going home is that I’m trying not to really think of it as home, but just another stop on my itinerary. If I can believe that the US is just another destination, then why not write about it like I would China or Morocco? Plus – I’d like to believe that I have somewhat of an international following; therefore, people will appreciate hearing about the lovely US destinations of San Francisco, New York City, and don’t forget exciting South Dakota! You will all get to experience the west coast, the east coast, and the Midwest…how educational.

However – I’m not kidding myself – I know the real reason why some of you will continue turning in…because you like to see an accident…face it…you are ‘rubber necking’. Any of you that know me, know that my return to the US is an accident waiting to happen…full of emotional melt downs, and terrifying unknowns. That’s bound to make you feel better about your own life!

Then there are some of you that are waiting to see what my vision of the US is after being away for 15 months. How I will relate back to a culture that I’ve been trying to avoid. I’ve written before about the joy of moving into different cultures and seeing things through ‘new’ perspectives – well – this ‘homecoming’ will be full of culture shock I’m sure. Just the other day I was telling my sister that we should buy two of the same books on Aamazon so that we could ask for a better price. Duh…bargaining for multiple quantities is not part of the western culture. Yet for the past 15 months, I negotiate a price in a market, and then throw in – “well, what if I get 3 of them…what is your best, best price then?!” Wouldn’t it be great if Amazon did that?

I have plenty of plans for this blog and my photography. A face lift to this site is definitly in order. I also plan on adding some more posts about long term travel tips and Round the World travel. However – it’s not really a blog if I don’t hear from you…so please share your comments, and let me know if there’s some specific information that you are dying for me to share about my travels or whatever.

I plan on continuing this blogging journey. I also plan on trying to be a bit more dependable about a weekly post since I should have constant internet access in the US. I pledge to put out a post a week. You can follow my stories through new cities in the US, through my new budget lifestyle, and through the process of figuring out how to get back out on the international road and make some type of living while exploring the world. One thing I know for sure, I don’t intend on going back to any traditional job at this point – and no, I’m not independently wealthy at all.

This storyline is way better than Grey’s Anatomy (hell, there’s a writers strike anyway) Instead this is the unscripted story of how an average person is trying to change their profession, take risks, and avoid having to sit behind a desk again working for a big corporation. I really hope it works out. I think I’m just about excited as you are to see what the future may hold.

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  1. Deborah Hill says:

    Hey Sherry,
    I have not logged on to your site in awhile since starting a new job at TiVo. Creative Services project manager as usual, but TiVo is a cool company and I am enjoying it 2 months in. Thank God a job finally materialized after 7 months.

    Glad to know you made it all around the world safe and sound and with an incredible number of experiences most people will never be lucky enough to have.
    Sounds like you have landed home in NYC for now, and must be in culture shock which could take a while. Anyway Happy Holidays and keep writing.

    Take care,
    Deborah from Sorrento Lingue de Italiano

  2. Am thoroughly enjoying your blog and glad to hear that you’re planning on keeping it updated!

  3. Susan says:

    Hi Sherry.

    good for you! I completely relate to your ‘re-entry’ issues, as well as that desire to do something different with your life, after such an intense experience. really shakes you up, doesn’t it?

    I exchanged a few emails with you many, many months ago, when I was still in San Francisco. I am now a post grad student in Ireland….and still planning for a RTW trek, altho’ I have no idea how I will enmass enough funds to do so on a grad student salary. I’ll be in S. Africa this summer for a brief research stint, but then back in Eire…so, if you find yourself in my neck of the woods (Galway) do drop in. I have a small, but cosy place and you’re most welcome.

    I’ll be interested to hear how you’re adjusting to life in the US. I was home briefly at the hols and I realised I just don’t miss the fast pace at all. Give me the simpler life and a nice cosy pub anyday!

    hope all is going well for you.

    Cheers from Ireland, Susan

  4. Angie says:

    Although we are all happy to have you back on our home turf, those who know you best realize that it won’t be for long. You’ve had an amazing adventure these past 15 months – and let’s face it – life just continues to be one big adventure!

    I know that if you want to make this your life’s work – you of all people will do it – and I’ll be here cheering you on!

    While these few months may bring on new and different challenges – just think of them as the growing pains of taking life to a new level…it will happen!

    Love you much!

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