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The Era of the New Nomad

14 Comments 28 February 2013

New Nomads

A new kind of traveller is emerging. They’re leaving their safe and settled lifestyles, to travel the world – indefinitely.

And yes – I am one of them.  However quite frankly I don’t feel too ‘new’ – I’ve been living like this moving around now from place to place nomadically for 6 years.

When Travel and Escape, Canada’s television channel dedicated to travel and adventure, approached me to be a part of the web series, I was a bit skeptical.  I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to be in a video series – I’m not really the television type.  And quite frankly I was in the middle of putting on the Meet Plan Go! career break events so I didn’t really think I had to time to participate.  But the director was more than willing to come to New York to film so I decided I would try to squeeze it in.  Then I found out that many of my peers were involved – Barbara, Charlie, Dave & Deb, Anil, Christine, Stephanie and Michael – and I decided I was in good company.

The nomadic lifestyle is something that I’ve always been interested in.  It is in fact why I love Mongolia so much.  But I also find that extended travel, location independent living, and virtual offices have become more popular and accepted over the past years. And I believe this younger generation will continue to push this change and more nomadic style living into the mainstream.

It really was fun to be a part of the show.  I traveled all over NYC filming with the crew for the afternoon and as you can see in the video we even took a trip to my storage unit – the only ‘home base’ I really have.  So go on, grab a cup of coffee, and take 5 minutes to learn about why I’m considered a ‘New Nomad’.   Let me know what you think about the episode!  Would you like to be a New Nomad?

The New Nomads Web Series:

This generation of travellers is shaping a whole new way of life. Featuring some of the world’s most avid travellers, this series uncovers the behind-the-scenes lives of real people who dared leave everything behind to travel the world nomadically, each for their own reasons, each in their own way. How do they do it? Watch the full 9-episode series to find out what it really takes to travel the world, untethered and unleashed. 


Want to watch more new nomads?  Check out all of my nomadic friends!

Watch all of the New Nomad Episodes on Travel and Escape!

Your Comments

14 Comments so far

  1. Alouise says:

    Great interview and very inspiring. Being at home right now I always love watching a good travel show, so I’ll have to check this one out.

  2. Katherine says:

    Way to go. Been following you and travelling with you for almost three years. Enjoying every moment of your journey. Thanks for setting a trend and being authentic.

  3. Ainara says:

    Way to go indeed!!! Really inspiring.

  4. Kate says:

    I’ve really enjoyed listening to this series of videos. We are leaving on open-ended travels in May and I am so excited!

  5. Shawn says:

    Hi Sherry, I was recently introduced to you through Betsy Talbot of marriedwithluggage.com who I met in Guanajuato, Mexico. I just hit the road as a solo traveler a month ago after renting my house out for a year. Booya!

    After trying to explain (mostly to family as friends were supportive) for the few months before leaving what this urge was that I was following, I wish I could’ve just pointed them to this video. I probably still will, though I don’t want to scare them at this point in thinking that I might be gone for a few years =)

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring biz and travel adventures!

    • Sherry says:

      Thanks so much for your email and a bit congrats to you for hitting the road for a while! You are a lucky person to have met Warren and Betsy already – they are a wealth of information and inspiration! If you don’t want to scare your family :), then watch Christine Maxfield’s New Nomad video – she left for a year but did come back! Best of luck on your travels and let me know how I can help!

      • Haha, yes! I came back, but a totally changed person (which I am beyond grateful for!). Thanks so much for the shout out, Sherry, I’m lucky to be part of such a wonderful group of travelers in the New Nomads series! :-)

  6. Sue says:

    What a wonderful piece Sherry. I’ve traveled a lot but never for an extended period of time. Kudos to you and the other nomads for exploring all the world has to offer on your own schedule.

  7. Jessica says:

    what a great concept and lovely interview :)

  8. Great interview and looks like a fab series with great people. I love your story and how you inspire others.

    I wish they’d show more families that are doing this as it seems they often focus on singles and couples…but more and more families are choosing nomading too.

    We’ve been a digital nomad family since 2005 and it’s been the best possible way to raise and educate our child….and have so much time together.

    People worry that it is expensive, but we travel the world for MUCH less than staying home, even in very expensive countries. At 12, my fluent trilingual daughter has seen and deeply experienced more of the world, than most people ever will.

    I like your comparison to simple nomad ways like in Mongolia, we’ve felt the same with nomads in Bhutan, Jordan and Morocco.

    It’s a great life, and easier to do than most people realize!

    • Sherry says:

      True – I believe there are more and more families doing it all the time. I think they are going to continue the series – you should contact them!

  9. I think I would enjoy being nomadic and I’ve been in expat in Mexico, England and Colombia growing up, but my husband has a job he loves as a physician-scientist and I love him and I feel I should support him by being available, so I won’t be taking off alone for long periods. Fortunately, one of the perks of academic medicine is that there can be lots of opportunities for travel.Last year, he had speaking “gigs” in Dublin, Helsinki and London. I managed to string these together and add bits and planned a 25 day trip. This sounds so lame, but in my life so far, I’ve come to realize that, for me, “there’s a time for every purpose under heaven”. I’m intent on making this our travel time — and my travel blogger time.
    Write on!

  10. Dan Johnston says:

    Congrats Sherry. Your comment about wanting to always discover something new will stick with me. Perhaps that is what has been fueling me as well.

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