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poi making kauai hawaii

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Tuesday Wednesday Poiday Friday

3 Comments 15 April 2014

“I’ve been coming to poi day since 2001, “ his eyes crinkled in a smile as he fiddled with his fishing net, “I like to come meet people and talk story.” Charlie said. ‘Uncle’ Charlie was one of many old timers I met who showed up every Thursday to make poi as part of a [...]

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volunteer hawaii

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Protecting Hawaii from Invasive Tourism

3 Comments 17 December 2013

The sweat was rolling down my face as I stared intently at the green leaf. Did it meet the criteria? I picked up my example leaf and placed it next to the one that held my gaze. I compared it – were the points of the leaves the same? Was the stem the same? The [...]

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Teaching in the Past, Present, and Future Tense

13 Comments 25 June 2013

My computer blurts out a tone that tells me I have a Facebook chat message, “Shit!” I mumble – I get mad at myself as I realize that somehow my chat got turned on again unknowingly (damn technology) and now I was going to get sidetracked from writing. When I clicked over prepared to ignore [...]

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Feynan bedouin

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Unplugged Travel

14 Comments 27 January 2011

Smoke billowed throughout the tent and left the area a-glow in orange. The flames lapped up from beneath the metal spherical disk. She pounded the dough into a flat pizza like form and simultaneously stoked the fire with more wood with her free hand. The spherical metal ‘griddle’ was just the right temperature…thwak! The flattened [...]

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horse plow

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Conversation Corps Jordan

1 Comment 13 January 2011

As you know, I’m volunteering in Jordan through GeoVisions Conversation Corps. This is a program in which you converse with/tutor a family in exchange for room and board and a fee. I recently shared my initial volunteering experiences at my Briefcase to Backpack website. You may be interested to find out exactly what Conversation Corps [...]

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Nepal, Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week – Nepal

9 Comments 02 April 2010

Piggy Back – Lamjung District Nepal I spent a few weeks volunteering in the remote mountain village of Puma in 2008; an experience that was truly eye opening.    While teaching English in the small village of 40 homes I came to know many of the kids well.  This boy wasn’t old enough for school [...]

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India, Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week – Delhi

7 Comments 19 March 2010

Bucket Bath Delhi, India While volunteering in India, I often walked around the slum neighborhoods to see the family culture.  Family homes don’t have bathrooms, and baths are taken outside in front of the house with buckets.  It didn’t seem to phase the kids, as this was a great way to cool down on a [...]

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Travel Back in Time

8 Comments 09 December 2009

Tiger Balm Tales Vol. 4 Travel Back in Time Itinerary:  Kathmandu to Puma Photos: View Puma Snapshots We said goodbye to the bustling city of Kathmandu and hopped in our time machine which took us back in time about 50 yrs. A time and place where electricity and plumbing were not guaranteed, where harvesting was [...]

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