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Trees of Lanai Hawaii

13 Comments 20 December 2012

As soon as the shuttle turned onto the main road leaving the airport I realized that I would be seeing much more than palm trees on the island of Lana’i.  Pine trees lined the road leading into Lana’i City and I new I was in for a topiary treat over the next 10 days!  Granted [...]

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Hotel Lanai

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How to Visit Lanai on a Budget

6 Comments 18 December 2012

“But what about those who travel on a budget? This nagging question is what kept going through my head when I initially arrived in Lana’i. When two of the three hotels on the entire island are luxury resorts, what is a budget traveler on Lana’i to do? It took me a few days, but slowly [...]

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Jeep four -wheeling in Lana

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Jeep Adventures in Lana’i

3 Comments 06 December 2012

The door creaked when I opened it. I took a big step and hoisted myself up into the drivers seat and shut the door. A cloud of red dust was stirred up with the slam of the door. I turned the key and the engine rumbled to life. The top was down, and life was [...]

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ahi tuna

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Ahi A Hawaiian Legacy

3 Comments 04 December 2012

In the channels that separate Maui from Lana’i is where you can find them – aku – otherwise known as bonito, a variety of Hawaiian tuna. Is it a coincidence that aku is also close in sound to the word ahi? We use the word ahi when we talk about tuna – but did you [...]

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trail head


Finding Peace in the Pines

5 Comments 23 November 2012

Lana’i has some of largest pine forests in Hawaii – yes, pine forests in tropical paradise! There’s no better way to see them than by on foot – where you can slowly take in their majestic beauty, aroma, and texture. The Koloiki trail is a perfect place to experience the pine trees of Lana’i. It [...]

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Kehekili’s Leap

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Leaping into the History of Lana’i

2 Comments 22 November 2012

After a few days of luxurious relaxing on Lana’i I was ready to get dirty and really explore the island outside of its regions of Four Season’s luxury. I set out to learn more about the history of Lana’i and I quickly learned that South Lana’i’s Kaunolu trail is where you can find all of [...]

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sea turtle up close

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Turtle Soup

3 Comments 20 November 2012

We arrive at Polihua beach after a long dirty off-roading drive. We get out of the jeep, slam the creaky door, dust ourselves off, and step out from the scruffy trees that we parked near. Immediately the wind catches me and blows me back catching me off guard and unstable rocking in the sand. Polihua [...]

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The Purrfect Sanctuary in Lanai

16 Comments 16 November 2012

We use the expression “herding cats” to refer to refers to an attempt to control or organize a group which is uncontrollable or chaotic.  It depicts something difficult, challenging, and nearly impossible.  However on the island of Lana’i “herding cats” is common place – and the volunteers of Lana’i Animal Rescue Center (LARC) make it [...]

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