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Dad looking at an Antarctica photography book

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Travels with my Father

33 Comments 10 January 2013

“What percentage of the world’s population do you think gets to see this?”  dad asks while standing on deck surrounded by Antarctica and its snow covered peaks and icebergs. “I don’t know dad – a very small percentage I guess.” I reply. After a slight pause – he says ” They should all see it.” […]

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Inside My Head, Mongol Rally

Getting a ride with Strangers

14 Comments 25 January 2011

When I tell people that I’m going to do the Mongol Rally this summer and I explain the whole premise of driving an ill-suited car 10,000 miles for charity where there are no roads – I normally get a reaction like this one from a former rally participant’s parent: Parent – “So you have to […]

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A Decade of Travels

25 Comments 31 August 2010

It took one simple question 10 years ago to change my life… “Do you want to come with me?” My co-worker and friend asked me that simple question referring to visiting his home country of Turkey. I thought about it for a little while knowing virtually nothing about the country of Turkey or where it […]

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Inside My Head, Travel Gear

Saying goodbye…

16 Comments 06 July 2010

In Memorandum – Saying goodbye to a dear friend My throat immediately tightened and my swallowing became slow and laborious. I could feel the familiar sting in my eyes and my abdominal muscles contracting into a knot. I was going to cry; dammit, I was going to cry! I tried to hold back the tears, […]

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Sherry traveling the world

I'm Sherry, a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler. I travel to off-the-beaten-path destinations to bring you unique travel experiences and photography. But it's not just about travel, it's also about life experiences of a middle age wanderer.
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