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Beloren Ruins lycian way

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Unwanted Advances Along the Lycian Way

16 Comments 25 February 2014

I squinted my eyes and peered out onto the bush filled mountain searching for the trail. “Look, do you see it?” he said as he placed his hand on my knee. “The trail is right here.” Pointing across my body. I still couldn’t really see it but decided to fake it since it would bring [...]

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New Year challenges

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My 2014 Challenge

44 Comments 31 December 2013

Forget resolutions, give me a challenge.  There’s nothing I love more than a challenge – one that makes me slightly uneasy making me question whether I’m capable, but at the same time it excites me. It’s what I call living on the edge – the edge of butterflies and throwing up. Many of my life [...]

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A Chef’s Heaven at O’o Farm

7 Comments 14 November 2013

“I’m a farmer.” He said. I looked over this young man with his sleek sunglasses, and curly hair pulled back in a pony tail – he didn’t look like any farmer I had ever met before. But then again I was used to my grandfather smoking a cigarette, wearing overalls, and driving a tractor in [...]

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Solo Only

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Going it Alone

193 Comments 04 June 2013

  “Why don’t you just go by yourself?” Rachel asked. I let the thought sink in – my mind was swirling in confusion. My gut reaction was to provide all kinds of reasons to not go alone – who would I talk to, what’s the point, I would be lonely, what would I do by [...]

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El Pillar Hosteria

Adventure Travel, Argentina, Lodging

Coming to My Rescue

8 Comments 19 March 2013

I’m walking towards the door, I remember reaching my hand to grab the handle and turn and then my vision went black. I feel arms around me as my legs go limp and I feel like one of those toy giraffes who’s limbs were held attached by elastic string. When you hit the button on [...]

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Inside My Head, Solo

Awaking a Sleeping Beast

34 Comments 14 March 2013

Why is it that when I meet someone – that’s when I feel most alone? The brain is a funny thing. I don’t really think about what I don’t have until it’s put in front of me and I can get a taste of it again. Then the desire to have it is all of [...]

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Ratatouille Galette

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Dining in Private

15 Comments 07 February 2013

“But I don’t like to eat alone” – I hear this all the time from people who aren’t nuts about the idea of solo travel. The next comment normally is something about, “I feel weird sitting at a table by myself.” For some strange reason dining solo has never been an issue for me – [...]

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Group dining

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Traveling Solo Doesn’t Mean Solo All the Time

6 Comments 05 February 2013

Sometimes I get tired of meeting people. Really tired. I feel like it’s the movie Groundhog day and I simply have gone through the same introductions for 6 years now. I know, I know – meeting people is fun. Yes – most of the time it is. But imagine the new people you may meet [...]

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