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Holiday Video Greetings 2014

11 Comments 18 December 2014

Happy Holidays!  It’s been 8 years of doing holiday wrap up videos…each time I have to sit and relearn how to use the damn video editing software – which normally leads to me drinking a bit too much egg nog.  This year was no exception.  But hey – the eggnog and the millions of times [...]

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Paradis Latin

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Bottomless Champagne and Topless Dancers

6 Comments 16 December 2014

You know you’re in Europe when a 12 year old boy is attending a Paris cabaret show. This is going to be a night he’ll remember for a while as he goes home slightly tipsy and dreaming of boobies. Somehow I have found myself in the odd situation of attending a dinner theater cabaret show [...]

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Palenquera women Cartagena

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Week In-stagram Review Cartagena Colombia

7 Comments 12 December 2014

Do you feel the beat?  I sure did this last week in Cartagena Colombia!  This was my first trip to Colombia and with a few salsa beats and welcoming hugs it had me won over and wanting more.  I was there working on a project for USTOA and AFAR.  It was a quick 4 days [...]

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The Best Place I’ve Ever Stayed in Paris

5 Comments 09 December 2014

Jean-Pierre met me at the front of the building on a cobblestone street in the 3rd arrondissement. He smelled of cigarette smoke and was dressed very professionally. He introduced himself and preceded to walk me through the lovely cobblestone courtyard and upstairs to my little studio apartment I was staying in via Go With Oh.  [...]

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lemon pasta pagani

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Week In-stagram Review Walks of New York

5 Comments 05 December 2014

I have a bad case of withdrawal from the warm beachy weather I left in Sri Lanka!  I’m back in NYC for a short time and decided my cure for chilly jet lag would be to hit the cold streets of New York head on. I had a friend in town who was a first [...]

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Tartan Power

1 Comment 02 December 2014

“Whiskey makes the bagpipes sound better, “ said Frank our whiskey tasting MC for the day. I laughed, but I actually like the sounds of bagpipes, however I had never heard them played for this long of period before. You could hear them echoing through the park all day as the music competitions seemed to [...]

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Waikiki penthouse

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Giving Thanks for Beds

12 Comments 26 November 2014

Someone just hit the power button to my brain and my mind flickers on and boots up for a moment at 3:43AM. I feel uneasy, confused, panicked. I open my eyes to inky darkness. I can’t see. My mind races like it’s an Indy car going from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds. I’m [...]

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Join me in NYC to Discuss Travel With Purpose

1 Comment 24 November 2014

I travel because I can. I’ve been traveling so long sometimes I forget why I’m doing it. My nomadic lifestyle was just featured in Yahoo Travel this week and I talk about some of the hardships and joys of being on the road 24/7. One thing that is important to me is to pick a [...]

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