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Meet Sherry – This is me 6 years later

15 Comments 12 February 2013

To my right is a glacier, in front of me are mountains covered in dark, moody clouds, evergreens dot the ridge line in front running down into the fjord, snow capped peaks are in the distance, and I see Spanish writing in front of me. I breathe in and really consider what I’m looking at. [...]

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It’s Real Now

8 Comments 19 July 2011

Have you ever worked so long and hard on something that you forgot what you were doing or why you were doing it? The idea of the Mongol Rally for me started back in June 2010; that’s when I found some teammates that agreed to come with me. Ever since then I’ve been working on [...]

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A Decade of Travels

25 Comments 31 August 2010

It took one simple question 10 years ago to change my life… “Do you want to come with me?” My co-worker and friend asked me that simple question referring to visiting his home country of Turkey. I thought about it for a little while knowing virtually nothing about the country of Turkey or where it [...]

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Eat Pray Love – A Travel Movie

9 Comments 26 August 2010

The movie Eat Pray Love has hit the big screens around the world (yet sadly not where I’m currently at in Belgium), however it has caused a flurry of activity in the world of travel writing as people pick apart the adaptation of the book-to-movie, Julia Roberts’ laugh/smile, and the story in general. When I [...]

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Growing Up, Growing Scared

47 Comments 29 July 2010

I had all the kids stand up and one by one they sat down… “If you haven’t been outside of Lincoln, Nebraska – sit down.” I stated. Everyone remained standing…phew. “If you haven’t been outside of Nebraska – sit down.” I lost a couple. “If you haven’t been outside the United States – sit down.” [...]

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Itinerary Update – Boston to Europe

8 Comments 13 July 2010

It’s time for a little Sherry update. I try not to do these too often so that I can remain a mystery and therefore more interesting…but here goes – the mystery is revealed in a short post. Where am I now? I’ve been in Boston now for 5 weeks house-sitting and haven’t really written a [...]

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Saying goodbye…

16 Comments 06 July 2010

In Memorandum – Saying goodbye to a dear friend My throat immediately tightened and my swallowing became slow and laborious. I could feel the familiar sting in my eyes and my abdominal muscles contracting into a knot. I was going to cry; dammit, I was going to cry! I tried to hold back the tears, [...]

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My Virtual Life

19 Comments 22 June 2010

This week, my virtual life is going to collide with my physical life…and I’m a bit nervous. Will it be a supernova or a black hole? What if the physical me isn’t as interesting and likeable as the virtual me? This weekend in New York City not only will the city be welcoming gay men [...]

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