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Grand Mosque Oman

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A Mosque of Grand Proportions

14 Comments 16 May 2013

I stood staring upwards at the chandelier in the dome of the Saltan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat Oman admiring its soft glow. I was slightly surprised that it gets the dubious title of 2nd largest chandelier in the world. It didn’t seem that large to me, but as our guide Rob was pumping out [...]

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The haunting light of Hagia Sophia

Photo Documentaries, Turkey

Hagia Sophia Unknown Beauty

9 Comments 03 August 2012

“Lady, Lady – audio tour – you want audio tour?” the man behind the counter urgently asked as I briskly walked past the booth. As others were lining up to get their audio tour devices and handing over their lira to learn more about Istanbul’s biggest tour attraction – I decided I didn’t want to [...]

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Whirling in Religion

13 Comments 31 July 2012

  We arrived at the Dervish Lodge of Karabash-i Veli and I was full of anticipation. Intrepid Travel had arranged for us to see a very local experience of Turkey’s whirling dervish culture. I was busy trying to arrange my scarf over my head in order to be in compliance with the cultural norms for this [...]

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burano island

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Island Hopping in Venice – Is it Worth It?

21 Comments 26 April 2012

“You have to go to the islands! You have to go to the islands!” everyone kept telling me. Clearly they didn’t fully appreciate my neurosis regarding how stubborn I am. I can’t help it, if everyone keeps telling me to do something, then I really am skeptical about it and the less and less I [...]

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Christianity and Churches Around the World

17 Comments 06 April 2012

With one of the biggest religions celebrating their revered holiday this weekend, I thought it would be fitting to show you some symbols of Christianity I have encountered around the world on this Good Friday Photo of the Week edition. I have been lucky enough to see some of the most famous churches in the [...]

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Raphael Room Vatican

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Vatican 101

10 Comments 05 April 2012

I listened to man in the suit in front of me and really tried to concentrate on what he was saying. I took notes rapidly about dates, religious timelines, leaders, and wars. He authoritatively stated the names and periods as if he had given this lecture a thousands times. My mind started to wonder how [...]

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cemetery angel

Italy, Photo Documentaries

Cemetery Angel

14 Comments 04 April 2012

The cemetery in the Testaccio neighborhood in Rome has many names; Campo Cestio, The Protestant Cemetery, The Non-Catholic Cemetery for Foreigners, or the Cat Cemetery. It holds the grave of the poet John Keats, the famous pyramid of Rome, about 40 cats, and most importantly it holds the grave of Emelyn Story. What’s that, you [...]

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Waianae hawaii

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Oauhu’s Wild Leeward Coast

3 Comments 18 November 2011

The first thing you need to know about islands is that there is a windward and leeward coast. The windward coast is pretty self explanatory, but the leeward coast is basically the downwind coast and therefore generally the more calm side of the island. For Oahu, when you mention the leeward coast you normally have [...]

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