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Traveling with Strangers

October 25, 2011 18 Comments »

social media syndicate

+12 Tweet34 Pin Share8 Share7 Stumble7.4KShares 7.4KBefore I departed on the Mongol Rally, when I told people about what I was doing this summer they were surprised, but consistently it was one topic about the epic road trip that fascinated people most. It wasn’t the inappropriate car or the length of the trip. It wasn’t […]

What’s it all for?

October 11, 2011 9 Comments »

Blue Skies Ger Village

+11 Tweet20 Pin5 Share3 Share1 Stumble110Shares 140As much as participating in the Mongol Rally was to satiate my need for adventure and something different – it had another purpose…a big purpose. It was for this….  For Them… These are some of the children who live at the Christina Nobel Foundation Blue Skies Ger Village in […]

Ulaanbaatar in our Sights

September 26, 2011 4 Comments »

steppe Mongolia

+1 Tweet47 Pin Share2 Share5 Stumble73Shares 127I woke up giddy, excited, anxious, and a bit sad. This was it – our last day of the Mongol Rally. It started exactly 5 weeks earlier on a Saturday in London. Now here we were 300 km from Ulaanbaatar Mongolia’s finish line. The day started like any other; […]