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Enemies and Friends in Normandy

12 Comments 30 July 2013

I stood staring at the wide expanse of Omaha Beach squinting my eyes, trying to imagine what that historic day was like. D Day seems so far away now – ancient. My mind was swimming in thoughts amplified by the fact that I was here visiting this WWII Normandy invasion sight with my European friends [...]

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Girlfriend Getaway Month

5 Comments 07 May 2013

“What – you’ve never heard someone make trumpet sounds out of the side of their mouth before?” She said with an accusing tone. “Um…no” I answered – and then smiled and went back to working on my writing. However at this point I was distracted with thoughts of the silly Lisa Lubin and her trumpet [...]

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Thank you

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Lean On…Others

3 Comments 22 April 2013

There are days where it sweeps over me like the fog that rolls over the hills in San Francisco slowly devouring the landscape. Gratitude. It should be a positive feeling – but at times for me it’s a heavy feeling. It’s so heavy that it pushes my shoulders down planting my feet firmer on the [...]

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Protected: Dear David – Happy Birthday

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Group Dynamics Patagonia

15 Comments 22 March 2013

I looked around the table and wondered – how did this happen? How is it that at 43 I’m the youngest one on this hiking trip AND I’ve got the dullest stories? For the first time in my travels, my travel and adventure experiences are overshadowed by the people around me. I eagerly ask them [...]

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An Orange Excess

6 Comments 11 February 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai – it’s holiday time again! One of the largest holidays in the world is happening now – Chinese New Year! I feel lucky to have experienced this festive time in Asia for both Chinese New Year and Vietnam’s Tet in the past. It’s very eye opening to see another culture experience [...]

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Travel Planning Just Got Easier

13 Comments 08 January 2013

  Seven years ago the online world looked pretty different. It was seven years ago when I first started researching my crazy idea to take a career break and travel for a year. As a completely novice traveler, I had no idea where to start in my research or planning, embracing the internet to see [...]

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Postcard from New York City

4 Comments 06 August 2012

After six years, I’m still never excited to come back to my home country. I wish I understood why I have such trouble coming back – but after many returns I still don’t understand it – all I know is that my current 5 month journey went way too fast and I can hardly believe [...]

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